March Madness Mock Draft 2.0

After the jump, I present a mock trade which includes a trade and a slightly different approach to drafting.

Round 1 selection : QB Andrew Luck from Stanford

This is the real moment the Colts can finally begin a new era, from the previous Manning era, with one of the best college QBs to be drafted first overall.


Colts receives: Bills' 2nd and 4th round pick

Bills receive: First pick of 2nd round and First pick of 7th round

Round 2 selection : 6-4, 255 pounds TE Dwayne Allen from Clemson

To most fans here this is a bad pick yet the TE position is completely barren of talent. In the second round, the Colts will be looking to give Luck a familiar,comfortable weapon, a elite TE. Andrew Luck has thrown 54% of all TDs and almost 40% of his yards,last season, to a TE which means Luck should have a slight tendency to throw to his tight ends. According to, Allen is regarded as the better TE than Fleener, it is duly noted his value could have been inflated playing with Luck and a poor WR corp nonetheless Allen is a top 2 TE with reliable hands, the best in-line blocker and can line up in slot. He fits in with the recent report of trying to improve our ground game as a versatile TE and a FB should do wonders for Donald Brown's fantasy value. Drafting a #2 WR holds less priority than a guy who fits a huger hole,helps the run game, and is a good receiving TE as well.

Round 3 selection: CB Trumaine Johnson form Montana

Chuck Pagano: "They walk up on the stage and he's 6-4, 220 pounds and they bring in the DBs and they are still 5-8, 5-9, 5-10. It's becomes hard to find the 6-1 guys to cover those guys."

Johnson is 6-3 and clocks in around 204 pounds and fits the bill of someone Pagano would want to cover these bigger WRs. He is inexperienced against top-notch talent yet the instincts and has huge upside with the most common concern is about his hips which made scouts seeing him playing FS in the future. Down the line he should be able to claim a starting CB spot or possibly become Bethea's future replacement.

Alt. Idea- Trade down to get Josh Norman from Coastal California mid third to late fourth pick

Round 4 selection : WR Marvin Jones from California

He has all the physical tools to become a solid #2 for the Colts. Already a father of 2, both with his college girlfriend, Jones has learned to become humble an example is pulling former 5 star recruit, Keenan Allen, under his wing when he could decrease his draft value which he will be looking forward to with a family of 4.Jones does a good job getting separation from any defenders and has put up decent numbers paired up with an average QB for the majority of his collegiate years. During the combine, he had the second biggest hands and did a good job grabbing and securing passes.

Round 4 selection : DT Josh Chapman from Alabama

He's a solid NT who shown his mental toughness, ability, and love for football playing the majority of the season helping Alabama's defense and has not probably played up to his potential since he was playing on a torn ACL which ruins his draft stock. I would hope for the Colts to sign a stop-gap NT to fill in while Chapman recovers, likely to begin season on PUP list, and become a mentor to not only Chapman but the rest of the D-Line who will be unfamiliar to our hybrid defense.

Round 5 selection :LB Keenan Robinson from Texas

The Colts will definitely be needed to draft guys to play in the hybrid defense as Mathis and Freeney will not be able to hold down the fort for long. Keenan Robinson could immediately help the Colts with special team play and seems able to play a position in both a 4-3 or 3-4 LB role. His nickname, speaks for itself on toughness, is DMT, Determination Mental Toughness. Top 5 bench press among LB (27 reps) and with the Colts likely to avoid pursuing Wheeler this makes a great depth draft move. I would look to see him and Hughes as solid role guys and eventual replacements.

Comp. Round 5 selection : SS Sean Richardson from Vanderbilt

Offering size and speed that could make him a special team stud for the Colts, Sean Richardson provides excellent depth and is another interesting backup behind Tom Zbikowski. Signing Zbikowski was a good thing to help the transition from a hybrid 3-4/4-3 defense but he has limited playing time only starting 14 out of 53 available games, or 26%. Sean Richardson should provide depth alongside Joe Lefeged and with his size and speed could be converted into a FS.

Comp. Round 6 selection : DE/DT Travian Robertson from South Carolina

Having a down year, Robertson, a versatile player who has played all across the d-line, had 49 tackle with 8 for losses, and 2.5 sacks. Lacking in pass rush ability, Robertson will be a great run defender as a rotational player in the 3-4 scheme as a tweener and I would see him playing at DT occasionally in our 4-3 scheme.

New York Round 7 selection : OG Quentin Saulsberry from Mississippi State

The Colts offensive line has improved significantly from the last time Peyton Manning took a snap in a game. Now the Colts will be solidifying their interior lineman with Big Ben projected to become our franchise RT. Quentin is definitely a big body, weighing at the combine at 6'2 and 304 pounds. For a big guy, he moves fast and has quick feet and could help our ground game. Alt. picks- CB Judie if he falls or OG Desmond Wynn

Comp. Round 7 selection : K Greg Zuerlein from Missouri Western

I hope the Colts bring in and wouldn't mind him being Mr.Irrelevant is K Greg Zuerlein from Missouri Western. Adam Vinatieri's career is almost over and the Colts should be looking to add a reliable kicker. The last player to actually contribute as a Mr.Irrelevant is none other than K Ryan Succop from KC Chiefs who is now 69-85 or a decent 81.2% in 3 years

Draft Logic:

A different approach in this mock where I tried avoiding most of the common names with the Colts as draft day rarely happens the way most fans like it. I could see the Colts drafting a #1 TE who fits more needs than a #2 WR especially with the TE lacking depth . Bruce Arians ran a 2 TE set along with a more spread type offense frequently and with the addition of a FB I see a guy like Allen who is a great blocker and a guy who could line up as a WR occasionally in a spread offense more valuable than Sanu or others. The Colts avoid trying to snag a NT too early ,based upon need which means Chapman at r4 is a steal. Later rounds, the Colts should be looking for rotational guys that have upside who can play in both defenses. Sean Richardson is a guy the Colts should watch as Bethea's body begins to wear down, he has more tackles than Ed Reed, and Zbikowski hasn't proved starting capability yet so spending a sixth round on a developmental S that will contribute on special teams is a similar move to the approach of our FA signings.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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