Two Former Colts Join the Lawsuit Against the NFL

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It is interesting that people who are smart enough to get paid millions to play football are too dumb to realize that getting hit in the head frequently could cause problems. But this seems to be the year for lots of former players to decide to sue the NFL because the league didn't give a class explaining that getting repeatedly hit in the head by 250-400 pound running men could cause head injuries.

The lawsuit against the NFL recently had a few more names added to it, per ProFootballTalk. The only reason for mentioning these names here, on a Colts blog, is because these two players were both former Colts.

Mark Rypien, MVP of Superbowl XXVI (that's 26, in case you don't read Roman numerals) with the Redskins, has joined in the concussion lawsuit. According to Rypien, the reason for adding his name to the ever-growing list of players suing the employers that made them famous is that he is suffering memory loss. Insert your favorite memory loss joke here.

Rypien was with the Colts as a back-up to Peyton Manning in 2001, going 5 for 9 with no touchdowns. Once upon a time, the Colts did actually believe in having an experienced backup.

Also adding his name to the concussion lawsuit list is Tony Mandarich, 1989 first-round draft pick of the Packers. Labelled a bust and a steroid-user, Mandarich left football behind in 1992, went into rehab for alcohol and drug addiction in 1995, and made a comeback with the Indianapolis Colts from 1996-1998. He joined the team the year after they went to the AFC championship game, losing to the Steelers in a game where instant replay would have likely given the Colts the win (Kordell Stewart stepping out of bounds before catching the TD...but I'm not bitter).

Mandarich attributes some recent short-term memory loss and some speech problems (and bouts with depression) from the 6 or 7 concussions he endured during his time in the NFL. He also states that his reason for joining the lawsuit is to help force the NFL to raise awareness of what concussions can do to people long-term.

What other former Colts do you think might join the growing ranks of those suing the NFL?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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