Video Of Peyton Manning Throwing At Duke Hits The Net

OAKLAND CA - DECEMBER 26: Peyton Manning #18 of the Indianapolis Colts passes against the Oakland Raiders during an NFL game at Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum on December 26 2010 in Oakland California. (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

Remember that proverbial wrench I told you about? The one that could clumsily fall into the Indianapolis machine? Well, this just might be it.

On Friday, Peyton Manning took to Duke's practice field for an aggressive workout, featuring the superstar rocking a Colts helmet, shoulder pads and jersey. According to sources with knowledge of the workouts, Manning has been conducting them since Tuesday of this week. In case you forgot, Manning was previously at Duke, working out with former Tennessee offensive coordinator and now current Blue Devils head coach, David Cutliffe.

Austin Collie, Dallas Clark, and even former Colt, Brandon Stokley, have participated in the workouts with Manning. However, the biggest revelation from the workouts is some actual proof of Manning's progression. We've heard from plenty of people that Manning had been consistently progressing, but there was no hard proof for the public (not necessary, but definitely helpful). Apparently, someone with access to Manning's workout had the balls to actually video tape Manning tossing some dimes--he looks very good---to scrambling receivers. When the video begins, Manning immediately flings what looks to be a 40+ yard deep ball, with a "good ball" comment directly following via the camera man. Manning visibly sets his feet at the 5-yard line, throwing to a covered, unknown receiver down-field.

As the video progresses, Manning makes a combination of quick, accurate throws that vary in distance and according to what Chris Mortensen has heard (he revealed the clip via Twitter), this video "doesn't do justice & [it's] only March." Many had called for a video from the beginning, stating that if Manning was actually improving, he should visibly let the world know.

Well, you got your wish. Now, hit the jump.

While the video has been deemed a "leak", this could likely be a very calculated move from the Manning camp. After all, "P-Day" is only six days away and winning over the public was always Manning's for the taking.

Here's the soon-to-be infamous video, courtesy of YouTuber, DukeNC2012.

And just in case the video happens to be taken down, ESPN has the clip available for your viewing pleasure.

Will this really change anything for the Colts? We shall see.

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