Olde Mock Draft 3.0

I am altering my approach from position specific to a more balanced attempt to grab as much total talent for as many positions as possible. With the arrival of Andrew Luck, he will need some nice new toys to play with. I take a slightly unconventional approach to supplying those toys, whereas I don't take a wide receiver until I pick three of them in later rounds. However, I do grab a tight end fairly early, and one that can handle in-line blocking as well as provide Mr. Luck with a big target that can make plays.

1- QB- Andrew Luck : 6-4; 234; 4.67 Stanford - I know . . .I took Luck . . .nice job ! There is absolutely no way that we do not take him and not look back for the next 15 years.

2- SS-Harrison Smith : 6-2; 213; 4.56 Notre Dame - Tom Zbikowski is a quality backup and excellent special teams ace who also provides leadership and experience in Pagano's defense. However, we need a true starting caliber strong safety to allow Bethea to play center field and make big plays. Mike Mayock really has taken to this kid, and so have I.

3-TE- Orson Charles : 6-2; 251;4.70 Georgia - I know he has had some off-field issues, but I don't think they are sufficient to scare off Grigson and Pagano. This guy can block as well as be an athletic play-maker for Luck. He did 36 reps of 225 lbs at the Combine. I like the thought of him and Brody in a two tight end formation. Equally strong at run blocking as pass catching. More overall value here than an early wide receiver.

4- NT- Josh Chapman : 6-1; 319;5.20 Alabama- Still recovering from ACL surgery and might be a tad slow rolling into the 2012 season, but should come on strong as the year progresses to eventually allow Brandon Mckinney more sideline time and be a major contributor in the d-line rotation.

5-CB-Keith Tandy: 5-10; 202; 4.48 West Virginia- Has been in Indy recently for a looksee. I think he is the tough, physical bigger kind of cornerback Pagano favors. I think he is perfect for The Monster !

5-comp-OG-Joe Looney:6-3; 309; 5.02 Wake Forest- Another talented blocker that is better today as a run blocker, but athletic and smart enough to respond to some good coaching. Should be a solid addition to the talent pool along the o-line. Gotta protect Luck and open holes for the backs.

6-comp- WR-Derek Moye: 6-4; 209;4.52 Penn St.- Lousy quarterbacking held him back from posting much better numbers. Mr. Luck will love his size in the red zone, especially.

7- WR-Jermaine Kearse: 6-1; 209;4.58 Washington- Very similar to Derek Moye in that he lacked the quality of quarterback that could get him the ball more often. Luck can get him the ball.

7-trade-WR-Chris Owusu: 6-0; 196; 4.36 Stanford- Well, I may not have picked up Fleener, but at least I did draft one of Andrew's old college wide receivers. Maybe he'll hold on to the next 70 yard spiral Luck throws him. 4.36 speed is pretty attractive, too.

7-comp- ILB-Korey Williams:6-2; 243; 4.66 Southern Miss.- Still recuperating from knee injury in senior season. Was on track to be a mid-round selection. Instinctive, physical, athletic tackling machine that seems to me to be an excellent Mr. Irrelevant that could quite possible make the roster and contribute to the building of The Monster !

I know there's strong sentiment to take a WR with the 34th pick. My thinking is to get Luck some new toys with lower picks this year, and next year with a top 10 pick (in all likelihood) snag that Pro Bowl caliber talent at wide receiver. Odds are at least one of the three I took in late rounds can play a lick.

Well, that's my mock draft 3.0. I await your input. Go Colts !

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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