April Sadness Mock 3.0!

Round 1: QB Andrew Luck from Stanford

He's the consensus #1 pick for good reasons.

Round 2: TE Coby Fleener from Stanford

I would expect if Fleener dropped to the 2nd round and the Colts are on the board he will be teaming up with Luck again. He is the #1 rated TE this year and fits a huge need.

Round 3: WR Brian Quick from Appalachian State has him rated as the #5 WR which is pretty good as he's raw. At 6'3 and 222 pounds, he has the size to play the outside, specifically the #2 WR position. He's very physical and will beat the jam frequently while he does occasional flash good hands he does have his Garcon-like moments. Unlike Garcon, he does show his speed during the combine but runs quicker during the actual game but does have the occasional trouble getting separation. He has a lot of upside as he's raw but will have a great mentor in Wayne on route running.

Round 4:G/T Senio Kelemete from University of Washington

The offensive line isn't fixed. There's still some questions about whether our Big Ben is going to play G or T for the Colts. Kelemete helps solves that problem as may be able to play both tackle and a guard position but is more suitable as a OG. He is light enough on his feet to stay with faster oppenents. He's a versatile player who has played 3 spots ( played DT freshman year), started at RG sophmore year, and was asked to move to the outside where he also played quite well for the Huskies. His pass and run blocking should help "Build The Monster".

Note: Just like most Colt's fans, Josh Chapman makes a lot of sense but with his agent saying he could be ready to play before camp I think he gets picked too early for comfort.

Round 5: CB Leonard Johnson from Iowa State

He's 5'10 and 196 pounds not exactly your perfect definition of a physical CB but he plays bigger than his size indicates and has started since his freshman year. He definitely will be able to dominate WRs if he continues to work hard as Blackmon, projected to be first #1WR by many, claims he is one of the better CBs in the Big 12. He kind of fits the mold of a LaDarius Webb type of player in terms of size and aggressiveness anyways he should compete with Thomas for the #2 CB spot or the #1 job when, or "if", Powers goes down.

[UPDATE] Second 5th pick was missing

Round 5: CB Keith Tandy from University of West Virginia

The Colts should still be bolstering their CB position even if they finished surprisingly tanked 15th in passing yards. Keith Tandy seems to be a prospect the team is highly interested in the later rounds as he has the size and willingness to defend the ball exceptionally well.

Round 6: OLB/ILB James Michael Johnson from University of Nevada

He's an interesting prospect that will add depth to the Colts 3-4 and has played both ILB and OLB during his 4 years at Nevada.

Round 7: OLB Sammy Brown from Univeristy of Houston

He's another interesting prospect that will bring depth to our linebackers corp.

Round 7: DT Akiem Hicks from Univeristy of Regina

Most see him near the 6th but I think after spending 2 years on the community college level,2 years playing at a team in Canada, and his lack of proper technique drops him down mid-7th round. He's more of a boom or bust type which works perfectly for the Colts as McKinney will be the short-term solution for NT.

Round 7: K Greg Zuerlein from University of Missouri Western State

The name "Mr.Irrelevant" shows the likelihood of this prospect amounting to anything in the NFL anyways hate this if you want about how we have other needs but I see getting who Mel Kiper believes is the best K prospect more important than a poorly rated prospect especially when Adam is 39 years old and we have a chance of getting a solid Kicker.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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