Why Isn't RG3 Agreeing To Any Private Workouts?

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - FEBRUARY 26: Quarterback Robert Griffin III of Baylor looks on during the 2012 NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium on February 26, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

I don't know if this is normal or not, but it is something that has caught my attention.

Apparently, one of the reasons Colts head coach Chuck Pagano attended Robert Griffin III's Baylor Pro Day was because Griffin has refused to take part in any private workouts requested by potential teams that may draft him. This is in contrast to Andrew Luck who is scheduled to have a private workout with the Colts.

Now, maybe I'm reading a little too much into this, but doesn't RG3's attitude come off as just a tad... I don't know... arrogant?

Of all the people in this draft class, the one guy who has absolutely no reason to take part in any private workouts is Andrew Luck. Unlike both RG3 and Texas A&M's Ryan Tannehill, Luck has three seasons of consistently great college football tape for scouts to pour over. He also had a great Pro Day which, also unlike RG3's and Tannehill's respective Pro Days, was not in a cushy dome environment.

Luck threw outside, in 15 mile-per-hour wind gusts, and still looked like the No. 1 overall pick.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, Luck was flexible enough to adjust his Pro Day schedule at the request of scouts. He did his scripted throws that were planned for the Pro Day, and when he was done did some throws that scouts asked he do, such as the 70-yard bomb against the wind.

RG3 reportedly didn't accommodate scouts in this way.

Please understand, private workouts are often when a team gives a perspective player a set of workout tasks to complete that are not pre-scripted by said player's handlers. Obviously, the team organizing the workout doesn't want the player to do anything to get them hurt, but if the player is a quarterback, they might want to see how that player reacts to certain plays from the playbook. They are vetting the player, using their own internal process.

So, on one hand, we have Luck accommodating scouts and showing a willingness to accommodate scouts and attend private workouts. On the other, we have RG3, who is essentially telling scouts and perspective team that he isn't interested in helping them with their evaluation process.

Gotta say, this has to be a red flag. Anyone who is unwilling to be flexible suggests that they are hiding something. Also, if Griffin truly wants to "beat" Luck and become the No. 1 overall pick, as he said he did, why wouldn't he go out of his way to accommodate the team that has the power to give him what he wants?

If I'm Ryan Grigson, this automatically knocks Griffin from any draft consideration list. Grigson's entire legacy as a general manager will be tied to this pick. Yes, Jim Irsay has a lot of say in who will get selected, but Grigson (fair or unfair) will be tied to the pick because he is the man in charge of the roster. Thus, if I'm Grigson, I want to see RG3 working out with my scouts and coaches, separate from his handlers at Baylor. Hell, if Luck is willing to do it, then RG3 should as well.

Since he isn't, that's a deal-breaker. Such arrogance or unwillingness on the part of RG3 should raise a few eyebrows in Washington.

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