Colts 2012 Draft Mock 3.0

The 2012 NFL Draft is only 4 weeks away and with Indianapolis being rewarded 3 compensatory selections for this year’s draft, I decided to go ahead with another draft mock for discussion purposes.

1st Round:

Andrew Luck, QB
6-4 235
Stanford University

This pick will signally begin the Grigson/Luck era after witnessing years and years of accomplishments in the Polian/Manning era. It will be very exciting to see the Colts switch for one Franchise QB to another in just one season instead of waiting decades for a one-in-a-lifetime prospect to fall to us. Welcome to Indianapolis Andrew Luck

2nd Round:

Coby Fleener, TE
6-6 247
Stanford University

With the releasing of TE Dallas Clark and signing of TE Jacob Tamme by the Denver Broncos, at the moment the Indianapolis Colts doesn’t have anyone at the TE spot who can become the red zone target or receiving TE the Colts are used to implying on the offense.

3rd Round:

Jayron Hosley, CB/PR
5-10 179
Virginia Tech

Jacob Lacey is no longer a Colt (thank God for that) and now we are stuck with Jerraud Powers, Kevin Thomas, and Chris Rucker and bunch of camp fodder at CB who has never shown any reason to keep around. The CB spot is looking not to good right now unless it can be address in this year’s draft.

4th Round:

Chase Minnifield, CB
5-10 183
University of Virginia

Jerraud Powers is our #1 CB as of now, Kevin Thomas isn’t physical or aggressive enough to warrant being a #2 CB and I honestly won’t trust him as a nickleback. Chris Rucker showed great promise in his rookie campaign but isn’t developed enough to start alongside Powers and seems over-sized to cover slot WRs.

5th Round:

Ryan Broyles, WR
5-10 188
University of Oklahoma

The WR spot looked depleted before the re-signing of Reggie Wayne and the acquisition of Donnie Avery. Along with Austin Collie, the WRs corps looks about thin with training camp fodder and only 3 starter worth WRs. I look forward to seeing how Grigson will address this problem.

5th Round: (compensatory)

Nick Jean-Baptiste, NT
6-1 335
Baylor University

Head coach Chuck Pagano and defensive coordinator Greg Manusky both ran formidable defenses in the 3-4 base utilizing an effective space eating NT. So far the Colts have not signed an NT to begin switching to a 3-4 or a "hybrid D". The Nose Tackle position is very essential to moving to the 3-4 base.

6th Round: (compensatory)

Cordarro Law, DE/OLB
6-2 261
University of Southern Mississippi

One thing that causes a 3-4 base D to excel is having a legit pass-rushing OLB in the scheme to cause confusion to an opposing QB and maximize blitzing ability. The Colts in the past few seasons have never employed using a LB as a blitzer but that all can change with a new defensive minded head coach.

7th Round:

Lonnie Edwards, OG
6-4 322
Texas Tech University

The Offensive Line seems to be set as Ryan Grigson brought in some household names to re-vamp the O-Line that has been horrid for the past two seasons. The depth behind the starters at Guard seems to be abit questionable perhaps. Hopefully our Guard position will be set before the preseason begins.

7th Round: (from New York Jets)

J.B. Shugarts, OT
6-7 298
Ohio State University

I’m looking forward to having a solid O-Line this season, which in turn should provide good pass protection for Luck and decent run blocking for Brown, Carter, and Evans. Players like Jeff Linkenbach have proved time and time again that he’s incapable of being a starter at RT or providing depth.

7th Round: (compensatory)

Matt Conrath, DE
6-7 270
University of Virginia

Cory Redding is the only 3-4 DE on the team right now, unless we want to see our star 4-3 DE Dwight Freeney as an OLB or Robert Mathis, this position should be addressed as well as our NT position. We are a few pieces short to fully implement a 3-4 base defensive scheme.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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