My 7 rd Colts mock draft that some of you all might like, but most will probably hate.

So here's the first mock Ive ever done, so don't criticize too much. I didnt really focus on offensive line or D line because I think right now we have pretty decent talent on both lines.

I expect something like Castonzo, - McGynn/Satelli, - Satelli/Kirpatrick,- Reitz/Ijalana,-Justice/Ijalana.

Really its not that terrible of a line if you ask me, but I could be just being optimistic.

I expect something for the Linebacking corp like Freeney, Connor, Angerer, Mathis and hopefully Hughes subbing in and then maybe some other dude. Hell Idk.

And the line I have Nevis/Redding - McKinney/Mookie - Moala/Matthews.

Anyways, heres your mock draft.

Rd Selection Player Position College
1 1 Andrew Luck QB Stanford
2 34 Janoris Jenkins. Cb. North Alabama
3 64 AJ Jenkins. Wr. Illinois
4 97 Michael egnew. Te. Missouri
5 136. Keith Tandy. Cb. West Virginia
5 170 *. Nicolas jean baptist DT. Baylor
6 206 *. Chase minefield. Cb. Virginia
7 208 Chris owusu. Wr. Stanford
7 214 Matt Daniels. S. Duke
7 253 * Randy bullock. K. Texas am

* - Compensatory pick

I took Janoris Jenkins second because I wanted to get a star potential starter out a high second pick. Yeah he has some issues, but I think he can settle if you want my opinion. Which again, I could be optimistic...

Jenkins looks like a potential wideout someday, maybe sooner than later. A slot receiver at the least.

Egnew, who I think is on Fleener's level, isnt really a solution to tight end, but I didnt think Fleener was either. But Egnew is that tall, quick, receiving target we need.

Tandy is a pretty good corner if you watch him. Colts have worked him out. In the Polian days, he would have started probably game one. He will be a contributer and depth to the Colts secondary.

I dont know if McKinney is the best we're gonna get at nose tackle in free agency, so I picked Baptist in the fifth for some much needed depth on the line.

Chase Minnifield was considered a second rounder at one point. But because of surgery and pro day issues, he has slid down the draft boards of every team out there. If he is there in the 6th round (which I think he very well could be) Id be cool with spending a late pick on him.

Chris Owusu was a favorite target of Andrew Luck for a lot of his college career. Owusu was a solid receiver in college with blazing speed at his pro day. Too bad too much head injuries has scared many teams away from him. For a 7th round pick, hes a low risk, high reward player if he can keep his head up.

Matt Daniels is depth at the safety position. A smart, solid, young man from Duke. Always healthy and making plays for his defense especially when needed.

Mr Clutch isnt getting any younger, and the leg isnt getting any stronger. Mr Irrelevant, and best kicker in the draft Randy Bullock was chosen to hopefully someday take the reigns of Adam Nugetari.

And thats my mock draft. Sorry its not as clean and pretty as others. I just cant find the time ya know?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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