One last mock before the draft starts...

1 1 QB Andrew Luck 6'4 - 235 Stanfor

No-brainer choice, good that after years of mocking I get one pick finally right.

2 34 DE Devon Still 6'5 - 305 Penn State

With so many 1st round DLmen, I believe, one might find himself out of it. Still is 42nd on Mayock's Top100 and the Colts are looking for DLmen, especially 5 technique. Still could play every position in every front. Even NT, unless maybe it's goal line or short yardage situation.

3 64 WR Marvin Jones 6'2 - 200 California

Just putting in a WR, who is a good route runner, has above average speed and hands. Colts might get a better one, if the run on WRs doesn't start in R2 yet.

4 97 TE James Hanna 6'4 - 252 Oklahoma

While many have him rated lower, if I compare him to TEs with similar skill sets, this is a value pick. Clark was 1st rounder, Moeaki 3rd rounder, Tamme 4th. Hanna is the 5th TE on Mayock's list.

5 136 CB Coty Sensabaugh 5'11 - 190 Clemson

He is an instinctive, smart cover corner, with very good speed. Needs some experience and bulk and has to concentrate better on INTs, to catch them. Doesn't have brick hands though, is a former WR.

5C 170 CB Brandon Hardin 6'3 - 220 Oregon State

Taking a chance on a huge CB, who will likely play S in the NFL, is a ST stud and tackles well. What I look for are the skills to cover TEs. He has 4.40 speed, is smooth transitioning and changing directions considering his size, has ball skills and explosion and the size.

6C 206 TE Kevin Koger 6'4 - 255 Michigan

One TE is not enough, so lets take another one. Koger is a good blocker and has good hands, at least he could replace Eldridge if he continues to get worse.

7 208 LB Nathan Stupar 6'2 - 241 Penn State

Need a LBer, and PS still produces good ones. Stupar is fairly productive, athletic and has OK size with OK coverage abilities. Is a good ST player.

7 214 CB Derrius Brooks 5'10 - 192 Western Kentucky

Former WR with 4.2 speed and is rapidly developing as a CB. Has ball skills and off the chart agility. With Lacey gone and Terrence Johnson being bad, Colts need another medium sized CB among the many tall ones. Also has some KR abilities.

7C 253 OT Chandler Burden 6'4 - 315 Kentucky

Former DE, recently starting LT. Very strong and athletic. Has perfect G skill set, so lets move him there and develop him for 1 year, after which he could push for better positions on the depth chart.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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