2012 NFL Draft, Colts Select Andrew Luck No. 1 Overall In Round One

PALO ALTO CA - SEPTEMBER 04: Andrew Luck #12 of the Stanford Cardinal celebrates after they scored a touchdown against the Sacramento State Hornets at Stanford Stadium on September 4 2010 in Palo Alto California. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

2012 NFL Draft- Indianapolis Colts Draft Pick Selections



Player: Andrew Luck

Position: Quarterback

College: Stanford

SB Nation College Blog: Rule of Tree

Stampede Blue Scouting Report:

The most impressive stat I could find on Luck came in the red zone last season, where Stanford was nearly perfect. They had 69 trips to the red zone (that's over five per game), and scored points on 67 of them. Want to know the two they missed? One was a 33 yard FG miss in Game 11 against Cal, and the other was a 35 yard miss in the final 5 seconds against Oklahoma State in the Fiesta Bowl, which would have won them the game. Thankfully, Luck will have a slightly better kicker backing him up starting next season. Using our Red Zone Efficiency we use here with the Winning Stats, they were at 85.5% (53 TDs, 14 FGs). Let's hope that translates to the next level.

Mocking The Draft Scouting Report:

It's difficult to offer a fresh outlook on Andrew Luck. He's been anointed the past two seasons as a once-a-decade quarterback prospect. His ceiling as a player may not be as high as Robert Griffin's, but he comes out of college much more ready for the NFL. If for no other reason, that's why he should be the No. 1 pick in the draft.

Stampede Blue's Initial Take On The Pick:

Jim Irsay confirmed it. Ryan Grigson confirmed it. Andrew Luck was always going to be #1 and no one should be surprised. Arguably the most sound quarterback prospect since John Elway, Luck has it all: intelligence, athleticism, extreme accuracy, a big frame, a highly underrated, powerful arm, and the media chops to bring it full circle. There are just too many positives to list. You can’t replace one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time in Peyton Manning, but you can fill his glaring absence with a product that is capable of achieving success that Indianapolis fans now expect. That’s what Andrew Luck brings to your franchise and that’s why he's Mr. No. 1. Sorry, Griffiniacs. Your guy is pretty good too.

Draft needs remaining: Quarterback, Nose Tackle, Cornerback, Wide Receiver, Tight End

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