Notably prospects that may fall to the 5th round

While majority of this prospects will be snatched up, I assume that a 1 or 2 would fall with teams reaching so furiously in the 2012 draft.

Robert Turbin | 5'9, 215 pounds | Running back | Utah State

Personally, I was shocked he didn't go in the 3rd round but I guess everyone was busy reaching, most notably the Jaguars grabbing a P/LS in the 3rd round. He reminds me of the impact I thought Carter would show when we first drafted him while the jury is still out depth could potentially be added if we decide to go full offense. He is quite frankly big and strong (28 reps at combine) ran a 4.5 at combine but he has questionable speed even if the combine says otherwise so he isn't a home-run hitter and more sort of a bulldozer North and South runner. According to, he could have success in whatever blocking scheme we decide to run as his versatility translate well.

Marvin Jones | 6'1 7/8, 198 pounds | Wide receiver | California

I think most fans are familiar with him and it would be interesting to see what the Colts would do if he falls towards the 5th round. While he doesn't fit the need he would make more sense @ #2 WR which I assume was the reason we drafted Hilton in the first place. He's versatile and can line up in the slot or on the outside and with Allen + Fleener set as #1 and #2 TE who could also potentially line anywhere bolds well for Luck's fantasy value if this was to happen.

After the jump, the more likely guys who would be drafted ( That means Defensive players)

The top pick of the 5th round may not bring us a desired guy but oh well.

Josh Chapman | 6'1, 310 pounds | Defensive tackle | Alabama

Peter Konz, the best center, was suppose to be a first round selection but numerous reaches and injury concerns kept his draft stock low until the Falcons decided to pick him up near the middle of the 2nd round and I expect the same for Chapman. Playing majority of a football season with a torn ACL draws serious concern from scouts which is also a reason why guys like former Regina DT/DE Hicks were draped earlier although they have less talent and played against weaker competition.

Leonard Johnson | 5'10, 202 pounds | Cornerback | Iowa State

He's not 6'3 and 210 pounds but he is one of the best physical CBs left on the board.

Alfonzo Dennard | 5'10, 205 pounds | Cornerback | Nebraska

He's a lesser high risk version of Janoris Jenkins. Originally deemed a 2nd round, his draft stock has fallen after a scuffle in a bar which led to 4 officers forcefully bringing Dennard into custody. He is still a physical shutdown corner that DC Greg Manusky would love to have after the Colts ignored any defensive need.

Alameda Ta'amu | 6'3, 330 pounds | Defensive tackle | Washington

The second round is over, Ta'amu is still on the board... The third round is over, Ta'amu is still on the board. If he's still on the board after the fourth round the Colts will look hard. He has the size for a NT but his quickness of the ball lacks a lot which is why he's not fit for a 4-3 DT spot. Otherwise, he possess great strength and could warrant multiple double coverage throughout a game.

Chase Minniefield | 6'0, 185 pounds | Cornerback | Virginia

His father, Frank Minniefield, raised his son well. He possess great intangibles and off the ball skills grabbing 13 career interceptions, a great tackler, and limits YAC. His stock has fallen after he had a poor workout which is also part of because of his knee surgery but he was durable throughout his career.

Josh Norman | 6'0, 190 pounds | Cornerback | Coastal Carolina

He's an average tackler but his height and arm length might make him a solid #2 CB in the future. He wouldn't fit the mold that Baltimore CBs Webb and Smith, both known for physicality and aggressive behavior but he doesn't make mistakes very often.

Keith Tandy | 5'10, 198 pounds | Cornerback | West Virginia

The Colts have shown interest in him as he was brought in for a workout and fits more of the Webb/Smith mold that Pagano would want in a CB. He's aggressive and physical and should be able to challenge Kevin Thomas and Rucker for the spot opposite Powers or the nickel back posistion.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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