Offense (as of today)

I will admit, i was scratching my head and a bit upset when i first saw the name Allen and then Hilton scroll across the screen in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. After doing some research on each pick my attitude totally changed (no thanks to BBS's negative attitude). We won 2 FREAKING GAMES with this offense last year.

QB Orlovsky

RB Brown / Carter

TE Tamme

WR: Wayne, Collie, Garson

LT: Castanzo

LG: Reitz

C: Saturday

RG: Diem

RT: Linkenback

Yes with that team we somehow won 2 games. I can not figure out why people are complaining about what we have done so far in the draft. Yes I understand that the Def needs upgrades terribly bad, but SO DID OUR OFFENSE. And we just drafted the best QB prospect in over a decade. So why not give him a head start with some true weapons.

I am tired of people saying "we hired a Def coach so why not get him players in the draft". I see it as "We hired a DEF coach so he should be able to HELP our DEF regardless." We were more aggressive than ever in the FA Market and got some above average players to play on DEF and i think we will be just fine. We could for sure use some CB help, but there is a chance that Thomas or Rucker could play fine. They have yet to have a chance to prove themselves. NT was addressed in FA. Safety was addressed in FA. DL was addressed in FA.

Yes we need upgrades to all the mentioned above, but we had so many holes there was no way to address all positions in just one draft

Our offense had ZERO, NONE, NADA, NOTHING, at TE. Eldridge is a bust, sorry!

Our OFF this year Looks like a HUGE upgrade to me.

QB: Luck (top 5-7 NFL QB talent as a rookie)

RB: Carter / Brown (Good combo running backs)

TE: Fleener / Allen (2 best at there position in this draft and two totally different players)

WR: Wayne (Still great) / Collie (good if injury free) / Hilton (an upgrade to Garson! and P/KR) / Avery (who knows) /

LT: Castonzo (will be the blindside help for years to come and a great player)

LG: Reitz (Did a very good job last year, hopefully he will have time to settle into 1 position for the year a excel at it)

C: Steele (The only downgrade we have on offense from last year, still is an average player and will play well)

RG: Ijalana (More of a natural position for him in the NFL, hopefully his knee has healed up)

RT: Justice (A Vet at tackle, eagles wish they hadn't traded him with the injury to their all pro LT)

IF you compare the two starting lineups it's night and day difference. We are better at every position (other than Center). Yes our DEF needs help... But we have to set up Luck with all the weapons possible for him to succeed.

I for one am excited for next year's offense, where as 2 days ago i was worried about how we could help Luck develop. GREAT DRAFT SO FAR.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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