Never Too Early

This is a fan post strictly for the purpose of entertainment and fun.

This is a lot of opinion based information, along with a lot of things that are subject to change.

We're going to be looking at possible 2013 draft pick's for the Indianapolis Colts.

Assuming of course we get a top 10 pick.

It's never too early right? Right?..

After the jump!

We need a lot of help on both sides of the ball. Heck we were 2-14 last year, and we can all say it was because we didn't have Peyton playing. Well, just because we don't have one quarterback, doesn't mean we should go 2-14. That shows the strength of our team, or in our case, how weak our team actually is.

Here's a few positions and players that we need, want, should, and will draft in the 2013 year.

Cornerback - Obviously a position of need, our defense is awful. I don't really need to elaborate on this one. Who do we have after Jerraud Powers? An injury prone Jerraud Powers I might add. Here's some prospects.

David Amerson - He is a stud. At 6'3 and 194 pounds, he has the size that Chuck Pagano is going to want in a corner here in Indianapolis. Last year he had 13 interceptions alone, and when he gets the picks, he knows what to do with them. Can you say ball hawk?

Tyrann Mathieu - Another very talented LSU cornerback. It seems like every year they have some stud at corner coming out for the draft. He has great ball skills as well, and he's very fast. His only issue is that he's 5'9. Very small for a corner, so bigger receivers might give him some trouble. Although, he stands his ground in college for the most part.

Wide Receiver - We did just draft T.Y. Hilton (who I'm very fond of), we picked up Avery, and of course we resigned the old veteran Reggie Wayne. We do have Austin Collie, but is he still a crack away from his career being over? All this being said, I still think we need a true number one receiver. We could use some new, fresh, young talent to grow old with Andrew Luck (Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison).

Robert Woods - Going to be the top receiver in this year's draft, and rightfully so. Robert Woods had 111 receptions for 1292 yards last season. Oh, and he might have had 15 touchdowns as well. He would immediately bolster any passing attack. A threat that any team would love to have, and I would love him in a Colts uniform next year.

Keenan Allen - I like him a lot, great wide receiver, but I'd rather have Robert Woods, and assuming we take a wide receiver, and assuming we draft that high, Robert Woods would be the pick there.

Running Back - I'm not going to list any running backs, even though we could use one, simply for the fact that I think you can find running backs in later rounds of the draft. First round running backs for us have been Joseph Addai, and Donald Brown. They aren't exactly studs, and if we have a high pick, there are many more positions of need. Sure you might say we drafted Edge, but as of right now running back isn't our top priority, especially since the days of the running back are slowly dying down.

Defensive Line - I'm going to group all of them in the same class for this write up. I'm at school and I've only got about 30 minutes to finiish this. I'm going to group the nose tackles, defensive ends, and outside linebackers in this category. Defensive lineman are always a great way to spend a high pick, as pash rushers are extremely valuable, and hard to find as well.

Sam Montgomery - He's one of those guys that at 6'4 245 pounds you know he's explosive coming off the edge. He had 9 sacks last year as a sophomore, and he only has room to grow. Could be something special.

Johnathon Hankins - He's a nose tackle, and we just drafted Josh Chapman. Obviously, I haven't seen him play yet in the NFL so I don't really know if he's the answer? I've seen Josh Chapman all over mock drafts, but if he bounces back from injury and plays well, maybe we won't be talking about nose tackle. But for now, Johnathon Hankins is a 6'3, 330 pound beast. He isn't going to wow you with the numbers, but he plays tough, and he can take on two blockers to free things up for our linebackers.

Jarvis Jones - The last one on my list, he is also a DE/OLB duo kind of guy. At 6'3 and 241 pounds you know he can rush the passer. Perfect size to play in our new 3-4/4-3 hybrid scheme implemented under Chuck Pagano. Had an impressive 13.5 sacks last year for Georgia with room to grow.

Offensive Line - You can never go wrong with offensive lineman. Everything starts at the line. Good offensive line means good quarterback play, good lanes for the runners, and a more productive offense. You can never have too many good offensive lineman, and that's the bottom line.

D.J. Fluker - at 6'6 and 340 pounds you might say he's a mauler. 21 years old with a bright future ahead. He anchored that Alabama offensive line as he did a great job being the successor to Andre Smith.

Jake Mathews - Assuming we actually were to draft an offensive lineman, and also again assuming we have a top pick in the draft, D.J. Fluker would be the pick. Jake Mathews on the other hand is a kid you don't want to count out now. You know he's athletic because he has that blood line. He's in the Mathews family and at 6'5 and 305 pounds, he might be the best offensive lineman to come out of this draft.

Conclusion - Rome wasn't built in a day, neither will the Indianapolis Colts roster. We need to take everything one draft at a time, one step at a time, one evaluation, one propsect, and one player at a time. There is a lot of top talent in this upcoming draft that Indianapolis will be taking a look at. These are just a few players to name.

Have faith in our front office. If Mr. Irsay, Mr. Grigson, and everybody else involved gets the draft right, we will be back to the land of the super bowls in no short time. With the pick of Andrew Luck and already surrounding him with some solid weapons, our defense needs to go somewhere, otherwise we will not.

As always rec'd if you liked it..

..if not, well I think we can all say


This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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