Three Big needs with possible answers

So just throwing it out there of a couple of free agents, who could satisfy the Colts needs at WR, CB, S.

Reason I think we need another WR, especially another veteran is because we don't have the height threat in our WR corp. However some look at it with the answer as our TEs being 6'3; and 6'6", happily I would love it if that works out, but I rather protect our QB then our TE going deep and leaving our QB open.

At CB obvious problem there is depth even with the addition of Chip Vaugh and Brandon King(Roster updates had him at CB but if injuries happen he might be moved back to S) . Though we are looking to trade for Mike Jenkins(CB) of the Dallas Cowboys..I don't think it's worth it, injuries and be giving up probably 3rd or 4th round pick.

At Safety though Antoine Bethea is back there, and Tom Zbikowski acquired through free agency, we need another reliable Safety, at the Free Safety Position(when needed).

Top 3 FA WR:
1.Plaxico Burress- Jets haven't picked up Plaxico's option, so technically he's still available, so could the Colts go after this vertical threat option? Plaxico still has his height advantages and showed glimpses of his old self this past year, bringing him on to help Andrew Luck ease himself into the NFL could have it's advantages, and Plaxico still has some "fresh legs" left in him. Yes he had drama in his life, but he out plays the idiocy of his crimes.

2.Patrick Crayton- Though not that tall(at 6'0), Crayton played great for Tony Romo, his age is catching up to him, but Crayton had one of the best hands in the game, making some acrobatic catches in his prime. He would probably come at a cheaper price than Williams or Burress.

3.Roy Williams- Yes he drops balls alot but even on the offensively anemic Bears Roy Williams still got 500+ yards, have the 6' 3" WR at a cheap price couldn't hurt us..I mean we had Pierre Garcon when it seemed he had butter in his hands sometimes.
-Some have suggested we go after T.O, though I think T.O is way to old for this team, it would be an option yet possibly an over dramatic one the team wouldn't need. Others ask about Braylon Edwards...Do we need him? He seems more injury prone now, though a flier on him wouldn't be bad.

Top 3 FA CBs:

1.Drew Coleman- Coleman actually impressed when he first came out being drafted by the Jets, starting on special teams, he had a forced fumble against the Patriots that was..well anything against the Patriots made me happy haha. But he was most impressive in 2010(with the Jets) when he had 41 tackles, 4 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and 1 interception. Though he got cut by the Jaguars, he might be a hidden gem CB for us, I think he's definitely worth a try, and might not be out there long.

2.Elbert Mack- Actually a ST player, and backup CB and showed a glimpse of good hands last season, he had 2 int for the horrid TB defense, he's still young, great development player for a Head Coach who used to be a DB coach. I could see him getting a look if Jenkins or another CB is traded for.

3.Lito Sheppard- If we want a true vet, Lito Sheppard is still out there, though seeing him play with the Raiders, and you can see he barely has that speed he once had, though he experience should count for something out there.

-Goodman from the Denvers would be a great Veteran addition there, and B.McFadden from the Steelers(Who stole away the Colts chances by tipping away passes from P.Manning to Reggie Wayne in the 2005 seasons playoffs against the Steelers) was cut to free up money, he could be a great pick up.

Top 3 FA Safeties:

1.Abram Elam- The top prize, but might be overpriced for our prices/budget. Free Safety who can cover deep, though his problems were a lot more apparent with the Dallas Cowboys secondary. Last heard he was visiting the Titans.

2.Jim Leonhard- With the Jets he used to be incredible, if he's 100%, I'll take him. His last two season have gone down because of Injury, but this guy is a pure football player.

3.Gibril Wilson-If he's recovered from his injury, he could be a prize pick up even for his age. He could provide the veteran saviness we need at that position too. Most memorable moment of his career-swatting Tom Brady to prevent him throwing the Hail Mary to Randy Moss in Superbowl XLII..he also did great with the Giants during his tenure.

-If I said Bob Sanders would people kill me here?? lol but no really he needs to resign then retire. But to the other noteworthy free agents. Derrick Martin is also available for a backup role, younger than most, and he's a very good Special Teams player who could make it on the team just for that. Played with both the GB the year before and Giants last year. Sean Jones is also out there, he originally was drafted there, doing good there one year.(forget which) but he could try to move to free safety from strong. Cut by the Patriots also is Ihedigbo, who could be a great backup and is already a great ST player.

Whats your thought? Are we better off with the rookies we have? any additions? (Again just my opinion, from what I saw/seen)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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