Reggie Wayne And Andrew Luck Haven't Hooked Up, Yet

May 4, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck (12) is NOT throwing a pass to Reggie Wayne in this picture. Guaranteed. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

Days like this one are fun because more and more delicious info is oozing out of the Colts facility as they close their 2012 OTAs.

Yes, I used fun, delicious, and oozing in the same sentence. Football is like porn to me. Don't tell my wife.

Anyway, speaking of hook-ups, Reggie Wayne told reporters yesterday that he has not had a meet-up with Andrew Luck since the Stanford wunderkid was drafted No. 1 overall. Wayne has not traveled to Pal Alto to practice with Luck, nor has Andrew gone to Miami to hang with Reggie.

Heck, the fact that Wayne was even in Indianapolis for OTAs tells you how big of a deal this redecorating project is for the "new era" Colts. During the Polian years, Wayne skipped OTAs, opting instead to workout in South Florida. In 2010, he skipped minicamp because of a contract dispute.

But, hey, who cares about 2010? It's about 2012, baby!

Though he looked good in practices at OTAs, the buzz amongst the media present was not about Reggie. Andrew Luck is expected to be in town as early as tomorrow, and that news has people like Reggie and head coach Chuck Pagano grinning like giddy cheerleaders at a Friday night homecoming.

From the Indy Star's Mike Chappell:

"It will be great for Andrew as far as getting in here, getting in the locker room, getting back with the offense, getting the timing down with the receivers and all of those kinds of things,’’ Pagano said. "It will be super to have him back.’’

The mandatory minicamp is the next phase of Luck’s assimilation into the Colts’ culture; he participated in a three-day rookie minicamp in early May. Next week, he’ll share the field with the entire team. That includes the offensive line put together to protect him and the receivers with whom he must develop quick rapport.

"Well cram as fast as we can,’’ veteran Reggie Wayne said.

The NFL isn’t making things easy for the Colts and Luck.

It's worth noting that Luck does not have to be under contract to participate in minicamp. However, I would not be surprised if the Colts and Luck inked a deal prior to the start of minicamp (June 12th-14th, with June 13th practice open to public at Lucas Oil Stadium).

Minicamp will be the first time Luck and the other rookies will work with the veterans. This means all the guys on last year's team who had to endure "Suck For Luck" chants and fans showing up to games in Luck jerseys will finally get to meet the kid from Stanford.

According to Reggie Hayes at the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, Austin Collie and Luck have had dinner together fairly recently. Thus, it is fair to say the two have "hooked-up." I wonder if Reggie got jealous when he heard of Luck and Collie's dinner date.

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