CBS Sports' Pete Prisco Thinks The 2012 Colts Will SUUUUUUCK!

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck spikes the ball in frustration when he learns of Pete Prisco's 2012 NFL predictions. Mandatory Credit: Eric P. Mull-USPRESSWIRE

One of my first articles on Stampede Blue waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyy back in 2006 was a rant against CBS Sports' Pete Prisco and his player rankings. Six years later, I find myself agreeing more and more with the grizzled, grumpy ole sports writer who never seems afraid to take a shot at a player, coach, general manager, or media colleague if that person does something dumb. Prisco doesn't hold back, and it's for that reason that I respect him.

Oh, and he works like a pack mule hopped up on Red Bull and amphetamines.

Recently, Prisco did something that no one does because A) It sounds crazy, and B) No matter what, people will hate you for writing it. He predicted every game (every. single. one) for the NFL's 2012 season.

Needless to say, his predictions did not sit well with fans, and I don't think our fanbase is going to like his guestimate of a 1-15 season for the 2012 Indianapolis Colts.

During our NFL planning summit in early June, it was suggested we come up with a way to project the records for all 32 teams.

"Why not just play out the entire season?" I said.

With that, I was given the task to play out every game of the coming season all the way through the Super Bowl, which meant crowning a champ in the summer.

It was a laborious task, but one I truly enjoyed. I actually went week-by-week. In the end, one team went undefeated, which figures to be a hot topic for some of you.

Shoot, during the SB Nation planning summit in June, I just picked my nose, drank beer, and watched porn.*

For Prisco, his 2012 predictions have the Colts going 1-15, the Patriots going undefeated, and the Packers beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Naturally, Twitter freaked out when it saw these predictions, and Prisco has been calmly slapping down haters since about 3:15 pm ET yesterday.

The lone win he gives Indy is their October 21st meeting against the Cleveland Browns: 17-10. He has them starting 0-5, and then going winless in the AFC South. Talk about a kick to the gonads, Pete.

If you care, I don't agree with his predictions, but one has to respect the work done. If you think the article is worthless, I challenge you to write a better one that completely predicts the 2012 season. Good luck with that.

Oh, and I'm already praying that Prisco's predictions do not, in any way, come true. If New England goes undefeated in the regular season AGAIN while the Colts struggle through a 1-15 campaign, I might just walk into traffic.

*Two of those are not true, but only two

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