Why Aren't Colts Rookies Coby Fleener And Dwayne Allen Signed? [UPDATE]

INDIANAPOLIS, IN - MAY 4: Coby Fleener #80 and Dwayne Allen #83 of the Indianapolis Colts look on during a rookie minicamp at the team facility on May 4, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)


JMV's show ends at 7:00pm ET. Not sure who told him this, but we can assume it was someone within the Colts organization.


I've been hesitant to post this type of article because, literally any minute, either Colts second round draft pick Coby Fleener or third round pick Dwayne Allen could get signed. However, we're at July 25th, the day Colts rookies are scheduled to report to training camp in Anderson, IN, and neither Fleener or Allen are inked.

What's the hold up?

With Andrew Luck getting inked to a four-year, $22 million dollar deal last week, it was just assumed that Fleener and Allen would sign shortly thereafter. Hasn't happened. Making this especially odd is the fact that the player taken directly ahead of Fleener (WR Brian Quick of the Rams) and immediately after him (DE Courtney Upshaw of the Ravens) are have been signed for some time.

Upshaw was inked back on May 10th while Quick signed June 13th. Fleener's contract should be a no-brainer with numbers in between Quick's and Upshaw's. Because of the rookie wage scale, Fleener cannot ask for more than what Quick received. Thus, the onus is on the Colts to get the deal done.

In the case of Dwayne Allen, the player picked ahead of him, Giants WR Reuben Randle, signed back on May 11th. The player taken after Allen, Rams corner Trumaine Johnson, was inked yesterday.

That Fleener or Allen haven't signed by this point doesn't look good for Ryan Grigson and the Colts front office. This really shouldn't be news. These guys should be inked and reporting today. Instead, we're left here wondering why.

Regarding the delayed signings, Grigson recently told Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star that the front office was, "Doin’ our best."

Um, OK. That's really doesn't inspire confidence, Ryan, if your "best" can't get two guys like Fleener and Allen signed by this point.

If, as Chappell's article suggests, the sticking point is how much of the contract is guaranteed, then it makes the Colts come off as appearing cheap. In the case of Fleener, the guarantees are between what Quick and Upshaw got. That cannot be much money.

When it is all said and done, these guys will get signed. I'm not worried about that. However, when camp officially opens, and if Fleener or Allen are still not signed, Ryan Grigson will probably need to provide an explanation a little more substantial than "Doin' our best."

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