2012 Colts Training Camp Report: Notes From Day One

June 13, 2012; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck throws a pass during minicamp practice at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-US PRESSWIRE

This post is a compilation of notes and opinions from several fans and people in the media who attended this day of Colts training camp.

The first day is in the books, and the big news centered around Andrew Luck and... Tony Dungy?

Yes, that Tony Dungy. He was at Anderson University today to meet with new head coach Chuck Pagano, watch the afternoon practice, and address the team.

It's important to note that this is the same Tony Dungy who went on Dan Patrick's radio show in January and said that he would have drafted Robert Griffin III No. 1 overall instead of Andrew Luck. I highly doubt anyone reminded Dungy of those comments today, but they are important to remember. Regardless of his opinions on Luck or Griffin, having Dungy show up and address the team today was a smart move. It connects the old with the new. Who knows.

Maybe this was Jim Irsay's way of maybe wooing Dungy to return to the Colts as a president or as some sort of front office executive.

Notes on the afternoon practice after the jump...

Sources: @ScottHanson, @gmbremer, @mchappell51, @rdemp7, @brittanydiehl, @JasonSpells, @evansilva

  • Unofficially, Luck was 27-32 with two INTs in 11-on-11 and 7-on-7 drills. Described by many as "ultra sharp" despite the picks.
  • Cornerback Korey Lindsey got both picks on Luck in drills. One pick was tipped by safety Tom Zbikowki.
  • NFL Network's Mike Lombardi loves Vick Ballard. "The guy to watch is Vick Ballard. He really runs hard. Can come in & give them some power."
  • Luck spent time with the offensive line and running backs during the first WR v. DB period. This had some speculating that the Colts will be more of a power running team in 2012 than a spread-throw-it-all-over-the-place-type team.
  • Luck and Austin Collie are on the same page. Luck threw a ton to Collie.
  • Great tweet from a fan, Ryan Dempsey, who responded to one of my tweets with this:

If you were at camp and saw something worth noting, pop some text into the comments below.

[UPDATE]: Apologies to EVLGNUS for note having this be part of the initial notes from camp. EVLGNUS posted this in the comments section of this article:

There was A LOT of 12 to 17.

Collie looked sharp in his routes and the hands were as good as ever.

Luck missed going to Reggie in the end zone and got picked off. Looked like 12 expected him to break towards the corner and Reggie went inside. I THINK it was Tommy Z with the pick. The best part was watching Chris Redding rumbling behind the on run back screaming “Pitch it back! Pitch it back!”

Both Fleener and Allen look like they have GREAT hands.

DFree was working with the D-Line in the earlier position drills with Mathis and Hughes both with the linebackers. However, once they started to scrimmage 93 and 98 were both lining up on the end, sometimes in a 2 point stance and sometimes in a 3. Jerry Hughes played DFree’s spot on the 2nd team.

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