J-Man Previews the 2012 Colts

I Know that I Came Here in May and Preview Indy But this time i will be more long winded and Showing off my new Writing skills

Indy Its Turning the Page From Peyton to Andrew New Coach New GM New beginnings

QB - Luck Stanton Harnish Luck comes in to the NFL as the most hyped rookie QB Indy has had since Peyton He will be up and down but that is nomal Stanton Is a Perfect 2 for this team can come in a pinch and mentor but will not thehatn for the job Harnish is a project guy grade 6.5 Higher in 13 and 14 if Luck progess

RB - Brown Ballad Carter Evans M Moore Karim This will be RB BY Commitey Carter was the best of the bunch LY but put the ball on the ground Ballard was underrated in college but that was in the Tebow funky read running system Brown was good LY but Inconist Evans is a PS Guy Moore can catch the ball out of the backfield Karim is Good at KR Grade 4.5

WR Wayne collie Hiton Avery Brazill Wayne its a border line HOF but is slowing down Can collie stay on the field Hiton is a great KR/PR Avery Has been a disappointing so far Brazill could suprize Grade 5.5

TE Fleener Allen smith Luck loves throw to his TE'S Fleener could be a very sound player down the line Allen is underrated looks for this unit to be strong in 13 Grade 5 higher in 13

O-Line Castonzo LT ILIJANA LG Satele C RG Anderson RT Justice Key Backups Linkebach T Reilz g Tepper g/t This Line will be a work in progress all season long Castonzo could grow into something good in time but the rest of the o-lineman are just guys to me Grade 4

D-Line Redding Champman mckinnay Key backups Johnson Matthews Nieves the Colts are going to a 3-4 D that relied on power Stopping the run Think Pitt Balt while they will be better than last year they need a Space Eater at DT and unless Chapman is the answer Good running Teams still will run at will on u Grade 3

LB Freey Matins Angerer Connor key backups gailppo Edds Fugger Huges IF Freeney and Matins can get used to standing up to rush the passer this could be a domint LB Core Angerer its Very underrated my only fear would can freeney and mathis cover backs and te's Grade 8.5

DB Powers TBA at the other CB spot Bethea Zbikowski Key Backups Vaughn J King B king Johnson Rucker Thomas Lefeged Newton The CB are a Mess Other than Powers all are nickel and dime CB'S Safety actually are pretty good Bethea Is very underrated And Zbls can hold his own Grade 5 Cant go higher due to the CB Mess

K/P Vinatierti McAfee Vinatieri is solid but losing range Mcafee is hit and miss Grade 6

Bottom Line This remind me of the 1998 Colts expect no Marshall faulk the Colts most likely will start slow like 2-6 1-7 but souild win 2 to 4 games after oct I Really like A Luck A lot and i will be Shocked if he does not win at least 1 Super bowl in his career in future years the colts will need A upgrade At all 3 D-Line spots 2 New CB And a Young num 1 star wideout oh and a guy like E James but if u have a QB U have a Chance i say 5-11

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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