2012 Colts Training Camp Update: August 2, 2012

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Let me preface this by saying that you should take this report with a grain of salt as I was only able to attend for the last hour or so of practice. I saw the back end of redzone drills, several full field drives for the first, second, and third teams, and all the 3rd down drills. Forgive the disjointed nature of this report, it’s basically just a bullet point recap (in fact, that’s exactly what it is).

  • I had the first team O-Line as: LT Anthony Canstonzo – LG Jeff Linkenbach – C Samson Satele – RG Mike McGlynn – RT Winston Justice.
  • Dwayne Allen had a nice series with the second team. On a drive that started on the 30 yard line he caught a 12 yard pass on third down and then on the next play finished off the drive by catching a 10 yard pass across the middle from Drew Stanton that he broke out for a 22 yard touchdown.
  • Andrew Luck was calling out protections at the line and looked decisive with the ball. At one point Luck threw a pretty, spiraling 50 yard bomb that was just out of the reach of Donnie Avery who had run past two defenders on the other end. I think by the end of training camp, with a little better timing, that’s a completion.
  • Speaking of Avery, he looked good all day, in fact he may have made the most conspicuous impact in the time that I was there. He had a nice leaping grab right in front of the crowd on the left side of the field for about a 15 yard gain on a pass from Luck. I had him for 4 catches in addition to that close call on the 50 yarder. He also had about 17 yards on a double reverse during 3rd down drills. He looks as fast as advertised.
  • The first team started the full field drill with a three and out. Their second attempt resulted in about a 40 yard drive to the 25 yard line, Luck was "sacked" on 3rd and 2 to end the drive. The second team fared somewhat better, they scored a TD on the aforementioned pass to Dwayne Allen in their one attempt. The third team managed one first down before Harnish threw a bit of a duck on 3rd and 10 to end the drive.
  • I’d like to give some report on the running game but to be honest I didn’t see a lot of runs, and the ones I did see were not worth writing about. To be fair, the 3rd down drills, which made up about half of what I saw, were exclusively passing plays.
  • Drew Stanton looked pretty good at times, like on the TD drive when he hooked up with Dwayne Allen twice and had a 25 yard completion to Jabin Sambrano. Unfortunately, he also looked bad at times. On the 3rd down drills particularly he looked very indecisive and held the ball too long, resulting in consecutive "sacks" at one point (both by Jerry Hughes for what it’s worth). He did recover somewhat when he connected with Quan Crosby 30 yards down field on the next play.
  • Luck also had his ups and downs. He threw some nice passes, had several completions to different receivers in the 3rd down drills, but by the same token he did have a play where he was late on a comeback route, I believe to Coby Fleener, that resulted in a pick 6 by Jerraud Powers. Again, I didn’t see all of practice and the good definitely outweighed the bad.
  • T. Y. Hilton and Coby Fleener had a couple catches each, nothing too noteworthy. I did not see Collie or Wayne catch any balls, but it’s possible they were featured more in the earlier part of practice.
  • This is the first year I’ve attended Colts’ training camp, so admittedly my points of reference are limited, but to my untrained eye the intensity of the practice was surprising. The players were very into the team drills, at one point a full team brawl broke out on the far side of the field, which seemed to originate with Winston Justice (or at least he came out of the pile with someone’s helmet, it was hard to tell exactly what happened from a distance). A few plays later another fight took place in the Colts secondary, I couldn't see the numbers of the players involved. The fights were eventually broken up and practice resumed without further incident. I can only speak for myself, but I was happy to see such a high level of intensity in a first week practice.
  • A few notes on the defense: Jerry Hughes was again a factor today, he had sacks on consecutive plays and looked like a terror, at least against the second unit O-line. On at least one play I saw Freeney, Mathis, and Hughes all in at the same time, not sure if it means anything but it seemed worth noting. Larry Lumpkin had a couple nice plays, blowing up a run play in the backfield and then breaking up a pass a few plays later. Jerraud Powers had a pick-6, and there were several passes defensed by the secondary, including a nice play made by Brandon King. The D-line looked aggressive and effective. Cory Redding again appeared really happy to be here, and seems to be embracing a leadership role on the team (or at the very least, class clown).

That’s about all I got.

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