Offseason Crystal Ball

A lot of posts about offseason wish-lists and the like. I'm going to try to take a slightly different spin and see if I can divine what moves I think will happen this offseason and why.

Colts Free-Agents

Just sticking to some of the more meaningful ones.


  • Pat McAfee
  • Darius Butler - Because he's better than Vaughn and can play nickle.
  • Josh Gordy - Gave up a pick for him, so I bet he stays.
  • Winston Justice - Wasn't terrible and is a Grigson guy. Might depend on whether we get a FA.
  • Joe Reitz - 50/50 on Reitz. Outplayed McGlynn, but McGlynn was brought in by Grigson.

Not Re-Signed:

Free Agent Acquisitions - Needs (OG, CB, OLB, SS, NT, OT, ILB, FB, WR)

  • Paul Kruger - OLB - Until this year had not really gotten the press in Baltimore, but will be a hot name this offseason. I think the Ravens let him walk and Pagano will go after him hard. Good fit to replace Freeney.
  • Cary Williams - CB - Coaches and GMs go for guys they know. We need someone opposite Davis and Williams will be a good mid-$$ CB pickup.
  • Phil Loadholt - OT - We will be moving toward a more run oriented offense and we need a road grader at RT. He, again, isn't the biggest name out there, but is very solid and excels in run blocking.
  • William Moore - SS - This is probably the biggest stretch, but we need a SS in a bad way. My concern with Moore is that he is going to get overpaid, but it might be worth it. Heavy hitter which is what this defense needs. Pagano had Pollard in Baltimore and Moore could fill that enforcer role.
  • Not Levitre - Because I think he is either going to get tagged or someone is going to shell out mega-$$$$. I don't think the Colts will sink that kind of money into an OG with so many other holes to fill.

NFL Draft - Needs (OG, NT, ILB, FB, WR)

1. Jonathan Hankins - NT - Ohio State. There are three NTs worthy of being drafted in the first, which is extremely rare. Phili always went for the OL and DL early and often, so a guard is also very possible here. But I think the value at NT is better and there will be a push to address defense after doing nothing last year.

3. Alvin Bailey - OG - Arkansas. Big bodied guard and sticks with the theme of building from the trenches.

4. Marcus Davis - WR - VaTech. Notice a theme here? We need to get bigger. WR is not the most glaring weakness, but I think everyone is aware of Wayne's age. If Hilton does play a role in Pep's offense they will need a bigger target opposite him to move the chains. At 6' 4" 232 Davis can go over the middle and set blocks on the outside.

6. Lonnie Pryor - FB - Florida St. I think we may see a FB come from FA, but if not we will address it somewhere. Hamilton's offense utilizes a FB frequently to plow running lanes. Pryor is s strong blocker and can carry the ball in a pinch.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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