Myth: Colts need a lot of help in the secondary.

I have to disagree with most people about the need to upgrade our secondary. I think if we resign our own players (Butler and Powers) we would be capable of being a top-tier secondary. Sounds crazy? Yes I know but looking at the stats from the final 5 games of the season and the 1 post season game its not that crazy at all.

Colts Defense Passing Stats last 6 games played:

Yards per game: 259

Touchdowns: 6

Interceptions: 7 (opponents attempted 191 passes, so we intercepted 3.63% of pass attempts)

Sacks: 8

Converting those stats to a full year means we would of given up 259 yards per game ranking us the 6th worst in the league. We would of given up only 16 passing touchdowns tied for 4th best, collected 19 interceptions tied for 7th best, and would of only had 22 sacks 2nd to last in the league. The teams we faced in the those 6 games held an average league ranking of 15 in yards per game and interceptions thrown, they ranked 21 in touchdowns. So against what is about average NFL passing teams the colts ranked near the top in the important categories of touchdowns allowed and interceptions. The yards per game looks bad but if when we look at the top ten teams in this category only 3 made the playoffs, so leading in this category does not equate to winning. Unlike interceptions or touchdowns allowed where 5 in the top ten in these categories made the playoffs.

What makes the td/int stats more impressive is that we were not getting pressure on the quarterback, our sack stats from those games are an indicator of that. Its not a stretch of the imagination to think that if we had gotten more pressure on the quarterback we would of seen a decrease in touchdowns thrown and an increase in interceptions thrown.

So why not just resign our guys? We won't have to pay too much for Butler or Powers. Powers may have a history of injury shorten seasons but its never seemed to effect his play, and prior to this season he always played in 10+ games. We could go out and over pay for Jenkins, Cromartie, Porter, etc. but it doesn't seem like a wise play to me.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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