If I were GM this offseason (I know I'm not, but it sure is fun to play one)

OK, I know all of these free agency lists will change as players get tagged or re-signed. Here is my new list with not overspending in mind. Don't get me wrong but I think they have to spend some dollars to get quality players. I don't think these moves will break their bank though. First off let me start off by cutting Donnie Avery, Donald Brown, Tommy Zbikowski, Fili Moala, Ricardo Matthews, Seth Olsen, and Antonio Johnson. I'm sure somebody will argue for one of these guys but you should save your energy and key strokes, they hardly contributed to the 11-5 record.

Free agency moves:

Louis Vasquez (OG) and Phil Loadholdt (OT)-Both adds some punch to running game and protects #12.

Ramses Barden (WR) and Ted Ginn (WR,KR,PR)-These moves gives #12 a big, fast, WR to throw to and solves the KR/PR problem for the next 4 years. Ginn can also replace Avery as a speed guy.

Felix Jones (RB) Won't command too much money and replaces Brown as the speed guy, except he has better vision and moves to go along with the speed. Can also return kicks in a pinch so no need for Deji Karim anymore.

Michael Johnson (DE) Will cost some money but well worth it. Young and can get to QB as well as set the edge. Isreal Idonije is the alternative.

Lawrence Sidbury (OLB) Younger, faster, cheaper replacement for Freeney. Under the radar. Connor Barwin is the alternative.

Dominque Rodgers Cromartie (CB) Won't be cheap but has the length and speed to be effective in this defense. Derek Cox is the alternative.

Laron Landry (SS) Heavy hitter that Colts lack (a la Bernard Pollard). Also, has speed to provide some help in the passing game. William Moore the alternative.

Front office/coaching moves- Replace Manusky with Romeo Crennel. I know Manusky didn't have the players he needed but his track record doesn't do much for him. We will see what he does this year with some new pieces. Immediately after the superbowl, Pags should recruit Ray Lewis to be a defensive assistant/LB coach. Mr. Irsay should place a call to Jeff Saturday tomorrow evening and offer him a spot as a scout or as an assistant to the Oline coach.


1st Round: D.J. Fluker-Move to guard to give Colts a line that rivals Cowboys line of old.

3rd Round: Marcus Lattimore-Gamble that modern medicine, a call to Adrian Peterson, and heart returns this player to elite status. Would be a HUGE steal if it pans out.

Offense would look like this:

WR-Reggie Wayne


LG-Louis Vasquez

C-A.Q. Shipley

RG-D.J. Fluker

RT-Phil Loadholdt

WR-Ramses Barden

Flanker-T.Y. Hilton

TE-Dwayne Allen (Can Also move to FB when needed)

QB-Mr. Luck


Defense would look like this:

LE-Cory Redding

NT-Josh Chapman

RE-Michael Johnson

OLB-Lawrence Sidbury

ILB-Jerrell Freeman

ILB-Kavell Conner

OLB-Robert Mathis

CB-Vontae Davis


SS-Laron Landry

FS-Antoine Bethea

I think this works to improve the team and gives the Colts a REALLY good offensive and goes well with what Pep is bringing to the table. Front seven would be really nice. QBs wouldn't sleep very well knowing what's coming. Its been slow so I'm just giving you guys something to think about before Mr. Luck plays tomorrow.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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