An offseason wish list with new, fresh names

So I know this is, perhaps, the least original idea in all of the internet, but it should be fun! So let's dive right in.

Resignings, in order of importance:

Pat McAfee, P: He's great and getting better. We don't need to create another hole on the team by not resigning him.

Moise Fokou, ILB: He performed admirably, and we could use depth at the position.

Winston Justice, OT: When he was healthy, he was solid. He's also a vocal leader of the team.

Cassius Vaughn and/or Darius Butler, CB: I've argued a lot recently that Vaughn has been the better CB because I've felt that people have been blinded by the fact that Butler had more INTs. Recently, though, I've started to come around to thinking Butler might be better in coverage. Either way, we should resign one or both of them. If they come cheaply, signing both would be fantastic. We'd have our CB1, CB3, and CB4 in place.

Adam Vinatieri, K: I know he isn't a free agent this year, but I'm worried he might retire. He's obviously on his last leg (no pun intended), but similar to resigning McAfee, there's no reason we should create another need on the team by losing Vinatieri. Unless there will be some solid UDFA kickers, we need to do everything we can to prevent him from departing.

Jeff Linkenbach, G/T: I know, I know. He sucks. But there's no denying that he's a decent back up. I think we need to bring back one of the back up guards we have, and it certainly isn't Seth Olsen. A traffic cone with a football helmet would block better than Olsen.


Offensive line: we need one. But seriously though, I'd rank our needs like this: OG, OG, C, RT. I think we're set at one of the offensive guard positions because we have Seth Olsen. That guy is a franchise pass protector. (It's funny because he sucks)

Rush OLB: We need someone to replace Freeney. He was a huge disappointment this year, and our pass rush was one of the big reasons we could not defend the pass.

CB2: We need someone to line up opposite Vontae Davis. Also a reason we couldn't defend the pass.

SS: Tommy Z seems like a pretty fun guy, but he really kind of sucks. If I had a dollar for every missed tackle he had, I suspect I could pay for a safety upgrade myself.

DEx2: As mentioned constantly, Cory Redding was awesome but injury prone. We need two more solid DEs, one capable of being a 16 game starter.

WR2: I think most of us are in agreement that TY Hilton is on his way to being a super star, but he's not a true #2 receiver. He could become a poor man's Percy Harvin, but without the awesome hands. I'd like another possession receiver who might not be as fast, but is more reliable in the hands department. It's entirely possible that our WR2 is already on the roster: I'd like Griff Whalen, Kris Adams, and LaVon Brazill to audition for the role.

NT: We need someone better than Antonio Johnson and Martin Tevaseu at NT. Johnson played admirably given the fact that he was thrust into the role as a result of circumstance, but he isn't the answer. Tevaseu is a good back up, but not a 16 game starter. Again, it's possible (if not likely) that our NT is already on the roster: I drink the Chapman Kool-Aid more than most people, but until we know he's healthy this remains a need.

FB: If we run a Stanford-like west coast offense, we'll need a power fullback. We can't rely on Allen because a lot of the power formations run at Stanford used two TEs AND a FB. We absolutely need someone to catch those bananas.

QB2: We need to ensure we have a quality back up for Andrew Luck. It could be that we resign Stanton or that we promote Harnish. Either way, we need someone we know can win. We cannot count on Luck having a Peyton-like streak of consecutive games started.

So, who do we get to fill these needs?

Free Agency:

Guard: Louis Velasquez (Chargers) or Andy Levitre (Bills). We won't be able to sign both, but I want to see us land at least one. In addition, I'd like to see us add Donald Thomas (Pats). He's a back up in NE, but when he got in he played pretty dang well. He should be cheap.

Center: Fernando Velasco (Titans). He has been solid for the Titans, and he can play guard. Also, we could consider Rob Turner (Rams). He's played every position on the line.

OT: Will Beatty (Giants) or Phil Loadholt (Vikings). I know many people will argue for Jake Long, Sebastian Vollmer, Andre Smith, or Ryan Clady here. The problem is that Jake Long has been regressing, Sebastian Vollmer will be really expensive/probably will be resigned, Andre Smith will definitely be resigned, and Ryan Clady isn't a good run blocker. We need an RT who can be a power run blocker in Hamilton's new offense.

Rush OLB: Paul Kruger (Ravens). Ray Lewis will be gone, as will Ed Reed (almost certainly). This will free up a lot of their cap room, but reports are suggesting that Flacco will be asking for Peyton Manning-type money. Plus, with Ray Lewis retiring that creates a bigger need for the Ravens at ILB, meaning Dannell Ellerbe will probably get the nod over Paul Kruger. I doubt the Ravens will be able to resign both. If they go with Kruger over Ellerbe, we should definitely pursue Ellerbe. We could also consider Manny Lawson (Bengals) if he isn't resigned.

Safety: Dashon Goldson (49ers). Obviously we'd all prefer Jarius Byrd, but I doubt the Bills let him go. We could also target William Moore (Falcons).

DE: Randy Starks (Dolphins). He's an interior DT, but could serve as a reliable 3-4 DE. We could also consider Roy Miller (Bucs). He's a 4-3 DT, but is rock solid against the run.

CB2: Sean Smith (Dolphins). A lot of people are saying DRC, which would be cool but he'll probably demand too much money. In addition, he's kind of a head-case who doesn't really seem to put his heart into the game. If somehow Keenan Lewis (Steelers) isn't resigned, he should be our target.


1: Kenny Vaccaro (S) or Matt Elam (S) if we don't sign Dashon Goldson or Jarius Byrd. If we do, then Jonathon Cooper (G). If we lock down the guard position in FA, then Sam Montgomery (DE/OLB). If none of these are available, trade back.

3: Cordarrelle Patterson (WR) or Marcus Davis (WR). Or, maybe, Margus Hunt (DE). As it turns out, I wasn't up to date on where these guys were projected to be taken. Thanks to member JPZ for the update. I'll be happy with Marcus Davis if he's still around, or Marquess Wilson (WR). Both are tall and fast. I loves me some tall and fast.

4: Trevardo Williams (OLB) or Sanders Commings (CB)

6: Any of the FBs available.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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