What grades do you give Grigson for the off-season moves?- Part 2

We did this after 3 weeks and I thought it would be interesting to see how it has changed. I would appreciate your input and grades and it will be interesting to see how guys progress throughout the season.

Off-Season Free Agency and Draft Grades

1. LaRon Landry- 9-24 assessment- B

10-30 assessment- B- - Still a good move, but he has missed a lot of games, and the injury risk is something our team KNEW when they signed him. He is a difference maker flying all over the field when healthy.

2. Gosder Cherilus- 9-24 assessment- A

10-30 assessment- A - Nothing has changed for me. Very solid player and a position that needed an upgrade and definitely got one.

3. Donald Thomas- 9-24 assessment- B+

10-30 assessment- B+ - Nothing will change here with me. The difference with Landry and Thomas is that you know Landry was an injury risk and gave him big money. I'm ok with that, but you have to accept the consequences when he misses half of the games. The injury to Thomas could not be foreseen (unlike Landry) so I don't count that against Grigson and company at all.

4. Aubrayo Franklin- 9-24 assessment- B- .

10-30 assessment- C- - Teams are gashing our D-Line. We are 29th in rushing yards per game allowed and 26th in yards per carry allowed. That starts up front with our big men. Yes, he was cheap, but I don't think we are getting enough from him.

5. Matt Hasselbeck- 9-24 assessment- B

10-30 assessment- B - Nothing has changed, which is exactly what you want.

6. Greg Toler- 9-24 assessment- B

10-30 assessment- C+ - Has had more lapses recently. He has also made some plays and I think he is a decent #2.

7. Darius Butler- 9-24 assessment B

10-30 assessment- A- -Considering what we paid, he has been a very good nickel corner. He had 3 passes defended against Denver and took Welker out of the game until the last 2 drives.

8. Ricky Jean-Francois- 9-24 assessment- C-

10-30 assessment- C -I've seen slight improvement, but he is still not living up to expectations in my opinion.

9. Stanley Havili- 9-24 assessment- B+

10-30 assessment- A- -This should probably go up just based on the Denver game. Stanley was big in that game.

10. Erik Walden- 9-24 assessment- D+

10-30 assessment- B- - So many players showed up at Denver. The pressure and forced pick by Walden was definitely one of the plays of the game, if not the play of the game. I want to see more consistency and the occassional big play out of him. He has been pretty solid at setting the edge and getting some pressure on the QB.

11. Ahmad Bradshaw- A+

10-30 assessment- A- -He was worth signing just for the San Fran game. I wouldn't change it knowing what I know now. That said, Grigson knew there was a big risk and sure enough, Bradshaw is on IR. It's an A- because Bradshaw played well for a few games and cost us very little. 12. Darrius Heyward-Bey- B+

10-30 assessment- B- -Too many drops. He still can make nice plays, but every game he drops a pass or 2 that could have made a big difference. I think this grade goes way up or way down in the next few weeks. He needs to really step up as he will likely get more and more targets and be matched up against better corners.

9-24 Overall free agency grade- B+

10-30 Overall free agency grade- B+ -Very good, not great, but very good. Grigson plugged in a lot of holes and did it pretty well

Overall Draft Review/Grade

1. Bjoern Werner- Seemed to be turning a corner before the injury. Excited to see him some more.

3. Hugh Thornton- He has been pretty solid. Pretty good for a rookie 3rd rounder.

4. Khaled Holmes- Incomplete. We haven’t seen enough. Disappointing that he is evidently not good enough to get some snaps with the injuries we've had.

5. Montori Hughes- I know it was the 5th round, but we traded up for him and we haven't seen him at all to my knowledge. I guess he is more of a project.

6. John Boyett- Fail. Not necessarily FO’s fault and he is only a 6th round, but still a fail.

7. Kerwynn Williams- About what is expected of a 7th rounder. Practice squad player.

7. Justice Cunningham- I had no expectations for Cunningham.

Overall Draft Grade C- - Below average to me. Still a lot of time, but only 1 guy (Thornton) is contributing and seemingly only 1 other guy (Werner) has a chance to contribute this year. Yes, Werner has technically contributed as he has played, but he really hasn't done a lot yet. This grade is for "to-date" production and I fully realize it can and likely will change.

9-24 Overall off-season grade 3 games into the season- B Pretty solid

10-30 Overall off-season grade 7 games into the season- Still a B. So many free agents in the B - A range and not that many that are bad contracts and playing bad.

Your thoughts?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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