A CWHU Take On Current Situations & Good Ole Colt Football

First and foremost, I would like to thank the community here on Stampede Blue for the overwhelming support I have received for all of my writings and opinions; as well as, the great dialogue that this community has engaged in throughout these many days this blog has been around. The second note that I must state is that this fan post does not violate any written guideline that SB Nation or Stampede Blue has published. The joy of which I know that, by not violating any written guideline of SB Nation or Stampede Blue, this fan post will hopefully be a foundation that sparks a lengthy community-wide discussion of the current situation paralleled with good ole Colt football.

The next important note is I fully and unconditionally support any editor, head writer, or published writer that provide articles to this blog that are based on football analysis, Colt football, the Colt organization, or any other literature with the intent of creating an environment that will constructively, respectfully, and/or educationally provide a basis for this community to discuss our many different perspectives. In a limited acknowledgement, I do not support any of those with the titles above that provide articles to this blog that do not create an environment that will constructively, respectfully, and/or educationally provide a basis for this community to discuss our many different perspectives.

With that disclosure in mind, this community comes together for a singular purpose: The Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately in these past few months it seems as if the environment that has become apparent is not conducive to providing a basis for this community to have a constructive, respectful, and/or educational dialogue. The point of this fan post is not to point fingers at any sole person or people; but, to discuss a few philosophies that might help better our community and help this community realign the train onto the right track.

The first philosophy is that of openness. What is acceptable and what is not acceptable? Openness involving the Colts team, the Colts organization, and/or this particular blog are all acceptable. Each of which, is open to criticism to any factor; and, all of which are common practice to criticize the rougher points and praise the positive points. Accepting criticism is an unfortunate feature of maturity that adults must endure. The point of coming to this blog is to have a knowledge center that provides information about Colt football and allow for a constructive, respectful, and/or educational conversation to take place on a multitude of current topics. The community and this blog walk hand in hand to best meet that mission. In other words, the blog molds to the desires of the readers; and the readers provide feedback (whether by page hits on popular topics, or more verbal commentary) to allow for the blog to help evolve and grow. Ultimately, it is a very important relationship that’s balance must remain in-tactic to allow for a positive environment to discuss all things Colt Football.

A crucial note to place on the above paragraph is how openness should be portrayed. It is vital to demonstrate openness through a respectful manner. By no means am I advocating for a constraint of, for lack of a better term, freedom of speech; I am advocating for openness to be displayed through a respectful manner. A harsh criticism can still be worded in a way that exhibits a level of respect. A constructive criticism can still be worded in a way that exhibits a level of respect. So on, and so forth. To allow for an environment that endorses openness a respectful manner is important; as it prevents a negative response from those that feel threaten or lack a better method to handle a situation that they feel disrespected from by another’s openness.

The next philosophy that I would like to table is environment. It is practical to expect, given the vast reach of this blog, that everyone that is a part of this blog does not see eye-to-eye. The beauty of that is the amazing assortment of different perspectives that are housed in this knowledge center. The disadvantage is that everyone, from the top down, needs to accept another’s opinion or perspective as just that. You don’t need to agree with it, or support it. You can even respectfully engage in a lengthy debate about the difference in opinions or perspectives. But, to write off that perspective in a negative or volatile method, ranging from attempting to prevent the community from being exposed too that opinion or perspective with any conceivable scheme, is just inappropriate. There is no singular viewpoint that trumps another. A blog is a collection of viewpoints that hopefully allows for us all to become, at a minimum, a bit more open minded then we all previously were. Strength of one’s argument is founded upon the openness of ones’ mind. A collective group, this blog, that has the ability to participate in an open dialogue that is constructive, respectful, and/or education will only allow for each member of this community, from top down, to strengthen ones’ argument and ultimately ones’ mind. A task, at times, our community has marvelously achieved; but, unfortunately we have slipped at every level.

Finally, for the most important part of this fanpost, this is not an excuse to point fingers at a sole person/people. That would violate the guidelines as being, to paraphrase: mean, trollish, demeaning or debasing others, and/or non-sport related (as this post is discussing the best way to talk Colts Football). Each individual might have an opinion of the individual/s that have wetted the path resulting in this mighty slip. Yet, to call out an individual or group of individuals will not provide the footing we need to climb back to the level at which the bar hangs. The most important part is, and I hope that, the community will use the comment section of this fanpost to respectfully and constructively share their opinions and perspectives about the blog, it’s community, and the future that you would like to see this blog head towards. The joint dialogue of all facets of this community is crucial to getting back to a top notch blog that is an excellent knowledge center of all things Colt Football.

I greatly appreciate your time. And, very thankful, in advance, to the multitude of diverse dialogue that each of you will provide. #ColtStrong #ProjectStampedeBlueBackToTheTop

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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