Should the Colts hire Belichick?

I mean, after the Patriots fire him, should the Colts hire Bill Belichick?

I don’t know if any of you have been paying attention to the Patriots season, but his job is surely in danger. Sure, he has his team on top of their division with a record of 8-3, but that doesn’t mean anything, right? Just look at their record. Yeah, they’ve got wins over teams like Denver and New Orleans, but did you see that Denver game? What a slow start that was. Down 24-0 at halftime, I was kind of surprised to see Belichick still had a job after the teams came back out. His team was totally unprepared, and this just one week after a loss to a mediocre team in the Carolina Panthers. What the hell were they doing all week? Obviously it wasn’t preparing for the Broncos, because that start was horrible. As we all know, good coaches always have their team prepared, and that was anything but prepared. Oh, and their O-line looked like complete ass. All of them should be gone soon. Hell, start the back-ups. They can't be any worse right? Gronk is a complete bust! The guy is injury prone and hardly plays. The defense wasn’t any better. They let Moreno run for over 200 yards. They should look at rebuilding that D in the offseason if not sooner. They managed a win, but who cares? U-G-L-Y! You can totally see it’s all Belichick’s fault too. Did you see him defer the OT coin-toss? What a conservative pussy? There is no way the Patriots will ever win a SB with a conservative coach like that. Never.

I mentioned the loss last week to the Panthers (seriously, wtf?), but they also have losses to the Bengals, and the Jets. Are you kidding me? They can beat teams like the Saints, and the Broncos, but lose to the Jets? The JETS? How the hell does Belichick still have a job?

We all know Pagano is on his way out (hopefully, right?). Should the Colts hire Belichick? He’s obviously going to be looking for a job in a couple of months if not sooner. I mean, it’s not like his team is in the midst of a complete organizational rebuild or anything, and he’s been coaching for far too long to be making these stupid mistakes.

For those of you that can't tell, the above is sarcasm.

If you look at the Colts' and Patriots' seasons, they aren't that much different. Well, the Colts have lost half of their offensive starters and they are 2 years into a top-to-bottom organizational rebuild that include a first/second year head coach (not just with the team, but in the league), a first year offensive coordinator (not just with the team, but in the league), a second year defensive coordinator, and a second year general manager. But yeah, other than that, the same.

So now I have some serious questions for you.

Does Belichick deserve to be fired?

Does Pagano deserve to be fired?

If your answer is not the same for both coaches, why?

For all of you that love to point out all the flaws with this team, how about suggesting some solutions? I mean, saying that the defense sucks and that they should cut all of them isn't really a viable solution. Saying the coaches suck and need to be fired really isn't a solution. In fact, it creates many new problems. I find it hard to believe that our defense sucks, our offense sucks, our coaching sucks, and our GM sucks, but we've won so many games. Yes we've had some injuries, but we've still been in position to win most of our games, and we've won a lot of them. That doesn't happen when everyone and everything on your team sucks.

And now a request. If you're ready to give up on this season, do so. But please, could you do it a bit more quietly? Some of us still have faith in this team and are hoping to save this season. Some of us realize that the playoffs are still 5 weeks away and that there is a lot of time to figure out problems. Some of us are sick of seeing people suggest that the O-line hang themselves, or that players [for a team they claim to be fan of] be injured. Some of us realize that expecting a Super Bowl, or a win every week is beyond unrealistic with any team, let alone this one.

Word count.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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