Taking a look at the 2014 NFL Draft

While we are sitting here in Week 11, the Colts are projected to have the 26th pick in this years upcoming draft. Now, obviously we traded our first pick for Trent Richardson. I was taking a look at roster needs along with prospects we should look at. The way the draft sets up with this years prospects, I think our best bet is to draft a WR with our 1st pick (2nd round). I've done a few mock drafts along with looking at other people's, and it looks as if there could be 5 WRs taken in the 1st round. Now, that very well could be wrong.

Here is a list of positions I thing we should target in the draft.

WR, ILB, NT, CB, and possibly a Safety and maybe a DE. Now, with our 1st pick, we should look at a few guys.

2nd Round

Jordan Matthews, WR, Vanderbilt- This is probably the safest WR in this years draft. Meaning, you exactly what you're getting out of him. He has a solid set of hands, good route running ability, but he's not the greatest athlete. He's 6'3 (something a lot of fans on SB want is a tall receiver) so he's got the height to be a true #1 receiver. An interesting fact about him is that his cousin is the famous HOF receiver, Jerry Rice.

Allen Robinson, WR, Penn State- This would be a huge steal for us, as he most definitely has 1st round talent, but with the depth of this years WRs, he could fall to the second round. He's a terrific athlete with a lot of length. 6'3, true #1 potential with a lot of upside. Now, he is junior, and he could very well return for his senior year, but NFL scouts are falling in love with him, which is another reason he might not fall to us.

Jarvis Landry, WR, LSU- This guy is really starting to break out. He's climbing up on draft boards (mine included) and he really reminds me of a weird combination of Victor Cruz/Steve Smith. He has the size and speed of Victor Cruz and the incredible ball skills of Steve Smith. Now, I'm not sure if he's necessarily a "true" #1, but he would be a great athlete to have on the team (has good return ability too). He's also a junior who could return for his senior year.

3rd round

Chris Borland, ILB, Wisconsin- Borland is a personal favorite of mine who is a true football player. He is not afraid to get dirty and hit you. He's small for a LB, at just 5'11. He is highly instinctive and very physical. But his flaws are definitely his size and athleticism. Nasty player.

Yamin Smallwood, ILB, UCONN- Another personal favorite, along with Borland, this guy is hungry to hit somebody, which I love for LBers. He's more athletic than Borland and has the size. Definitely has a lot of upside. Gritty player and fun the watch.

Daquan Jones, DT, NT, Penn State- Jones is a bulldozer on the line. 6'3, 318 pounds of muscle (not really). He's got incredible strength and is well capable of shedding blocks and getting in the backfield. He's great against the run and the best defender on a good Penn State defense.

Other players to look at in the draft:

Ross Crockrell, CB

Stanley Jean-Baptiste, CB

Justin Hardy, WR

Calvin Pryor, S

Ed Reynolds, S

Avery Patterson, S

Daniel McCullers, NT

Davante Parker, WR

Antwan Goodley, WR

Tell me what you guys thing we should do in the draft and what our draft needs are.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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