Analysis of Grigson moves

Ok, this is going to be a terrible armchair analysis of Grigson's moves for this teams. To make things easy, I am simply going to separate moves into "Hits" or "misses". There will be plenty of moves in the middle that won't be on either list. Hits - bring value to the team. Misses- subtract value.


Andrew Luck (duh) - does he even get credit for this?

Dwayne Allen - great tight end for 3rd round pick

TY Hilton - great move - potential star - 4th rounder for TY is great move.

Josh Chapman - good value for 5th round pick

Vick Ballard - Good value again. workhouse RB.

Jerrell Freeman - what a pickup. Getting a starting LB for nothing with a small salary is a big hit.

Aubrayo Franklin - small hit, small salary for solid DT. Good job finding guy like that in free agency.

Cory Redding - huge player on the defense, nice hit for us.

Vontae Davis - Some might question this due to recent play, but the guy steps up and plays very well in big games. Definitely has some issues, but I think a second round pick for him is a hit.

Stanley Havili - Before you throw up in your coffee, remember this guy is a very solid FB and has made some big plays. Does well catching the ball and gaining YAC. Is it weird I think he's better than Trent Richardson?

*Darick Rogers??? Too early to tell but early returns look very good. If he keeps his head on straight I think he could be a star.


*Trent richardson trade. Barf. What a disaster. Sorry he's not an NFL back. No change of direction. I hate watching him. He runs with no passion. Is the opposite of Ahmad Bradshaw. DISASTER miss. This means TWO first round picks in a row are thrown away. Those two misses are very, very bad. And don't tell me he might be better when he knows the system. He is SLOW, has bad vision, and is incredibly stiff.

*DHB experiment. Sorry, he's HORRIBLE. Wide receivers should be able to catch. Does anyone else notice he always jumps when making routine catches? You can just tell his mind is lost and he's feeling the pressure.

*Khaled Holmes - how has he not even played with the way our line is playing?

*Bjoern Werner - He does not seem like a 1st round pick. He got benched last game for not setting the edge well at all. Seems to get drawn inside a lot. Not looking good. Big miss. Could have had stud WR.

*Laron Landry - thought he was playing well early in season, seems to have dropped off. Thinking injury has something to do with it, but he has always been known for that. This signing seems to be in the spirit of stop the run versus defend the pass.

In conclusion, Grigson does have more hits than misses. However, missing on two first round picks is a major loss and those first round misses count for a lot.

Other thoughts.....

**sorry I cannot put coby fleener on hits. I remember being very upset we did not take Alshon Jeffery with the pick. He was a decent pick but not good enough to be a hit.

**some rookies / injured players not discussed because the verdict is still out.

**Late draft picks not discussed because they rarely make the team anyway

**Yes, some free agents were overpaid that are not on the list, but overpaying is the definition of free agency, which is why teams avoid it as much as they can.

Ok, please tell me who I missed in the comments! Not that you won't anyway :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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