Colts Game-Splits vs. Kansas City

Here’s some fun facts for the Colts’ upcoming playoff-primer against the Kansas City Chiefs. For starters, these teams are set to meet this Sunday, December 22rd during Week 16 of the NFL season. The last time the Colts met (I’m sure most remember we played them last year) was last season… Week 16… December 23nd. I thought that was fun, but that’s me. Here goes some stats for you.

(including playoffs)

All-Time Against the Chiefs: 14-8 (.636)

All-Time @ the Chiefs: 8-4 (.667)

All-Time @ Arrowhead Stadium: 8-3 (.727)

Average Score: 21 – 20 Colts

Individual Splits/Key Personnel:

Andrew Luck vs. KC (1 Game)

17/35 (48.6%) 205YDS, 1TD – 0INT 76.5rating

6ATT 21YDS rushing

Alex Smith vs. IND (2 Games)

28/55 (50.9%) 272YDS 1TD – 5INT 33.3rating

3ATT 13YDS rushing

T.Y. Hilton vs. KC (1 Game)

2REC 34YDS …

Dwayne Bowe vs. IND (3 Games)


14.06YPR 75YD/G

Trent Richardson vs. KC (1 Game)



Donald Brown vs. KC (1 Game)



Jamaal Charles vs. IND (2 Games)


8.24YPC!!!! 156YD/G but only 4.5YPR

Robert Mathis vs. KC (4 Games)

1.5 Sacks 7 Tackles

Erik Walden vs. KC (2 Games)

5 Tackles

Justin Houston vs. IND (2 Games)

1 Tackle

Tamba Hali vs. IND (4 Games)

4 Sacks 8 Tackles

And, if you haven’t been force fed with them enough, here comes some playoff scenarios for the Colts:

The Colts are locked into the 4th seed win, lose, or draw. There is nothing Indianapolis or Kansas City can do to affect their inevitable Wild Card match-up in the playoffs. However, Baltimore, New England, and Cincinnati can greatly change Indianapolis’ playoff picture.

- If Indianapolis beats Kansas City & Baltimore beats Cincinnati (assuming Cincy clears MIN and Indy beats JAX) Indianapolis jumps to the 3 seed.

- If Indianapolis beats Kansas City & Baltimore beats New England (assuming NE clears BUF & Indy beats JAX) Indianapolis again would jump to the 3 seed.

In both the previous two scenarios Indianapolis would host Miami. Yet, with all the negatively surrounding the team (sometimes not too unwarranted) Indianapolis is still in contention for the 2 and even the 1 seed.

- And, in fact, it’s not that crazy to think Indianapolis can still grab that 2 seed. In order to do so Indianapolis has to win out and they would need Baltimore to win out. This week the Ravens host the Gronk-less Patriots. And, they would travel to Cincinnati in Week 17. And, that’s not the only possibility.

- The Colts have to win out to contest for the 2 seed. And, they need Cincinnati & New England to drop just 1 game each. Minnesota played quite the trap game to Philadelphia last weekend winning 48-30. They play at Cincinnati this week. NE/BUF’s previous match-up was played in Buffalo. But, it wasn’t until 0:09 left in the 4th quarter did Stephen Gostkowski secure a 23-21 victory for the Pats.

Last but not least, don’t hold your breath, but the Colts could still take the 1.

- And, here’s how. First, the Colts have to win out. Next, Baltimore also would have to win out. And finally, Denver has to lose @ HOU and @ OAK…. Hardly feasible. But, still a possibility.

No more jabbering from me. What do you think is gonna happen?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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