Colts Realistic Possibilities FA 2014

I hear all these big names going around but please keep it real. Reggie Wayne has another year left and it will probably be his last. So everyone's saying get one receiver but if he's gonna be gone there is no replacement, Hilton will never be good enough to replace him, I'm not saying I don't believe him I just can't see him with an impact like Wayne.

First, let bethea and all other Running backs Grigson signed go. They are just taking up depth at other places we can use so keep Ballard, Richardson and herron. The please cut Samson Satele whatever you can do it's a must.

First we must resign Davis we gave up a high cost for him so we need to keep him and with his inconsistency he will be cheaper.

Second, go for someone not overpriced with high reward like Jon Asamoah who is a long term option with thomas returning and we forced Hugh Thornton to early to starting lineup.

For center I believe e should give Khaled Holmes a chance because he was good in USC.

For receiver knowing its Wayne's most likely last season I believe Get Maclin as a 1# but #2 for next season. If we want a solid number 2# get Decker. But knowing no more Wayne in 2015 draft a receiver like Donte Moncrief but we need someone big and tall who goes up for the ball or go for someone in 2015 draft after knowing Wayne's decision.

Get T.J. Ward and if we cannot don't go for Byrd we will be broke really fast and if neither are available get Donte Whitner.

For Defesnseive Line we must go to the draft and get Ed Stinson or someone good in Free agency I believe in Micheal Bennet if not too much but either CJ Wilson too.

Sign back Aubrayo Franklin or if possible get Randy Starks.

If we do decide outside linebacker go to draft or either a sleeper like Jason Worilds from the stelers who is magnificent player.

For ILB Donald Butler is restricted so if we can let go Angerer and get Brandon Spikes who I believe is a lot better then anyone you could draft with our picks.

If all fails with Davis get Alterrun Verner but if it doesn't get someone like Josh Wilson

I am not saying this is all likely because nobody could hold a cap that large in the offseason but these are potential things that the Colts could do next offseason.

With our Draft this is who I believe we should get considerin we get a 4th round complementary pick for Dwight Freeney

2: Ed Stinson/ Donte Moncrief/ Craig Loston

3: E.J. Gaines/ Brandon Coleman/ Trevor Reilly

If we get a complementary from Freeney 4: Davante Parker/ Danny Shelton/ Tim Jackson

5: Max Bullogh/ Cody Hoffman/ Hakeem Smith

6: A.J. Johnson. Daryl Williams/ DeAndre Coleman

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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