A refresher of what we have and don't have: Offense

I figured we should take a look at our team's strengths and weaknesses before we jump out of our seats and yell at Grigson for not picking up top free agents.

We Got Luck, A smart and durable QB, and the rightful heir to the Manning throne. The backup QB situation might be a little more iffy with Drew Stanton as a FA and Arians in Arizona we might have to push Chandler Harnish into the back up role sooner than expected; but I see no reason to fret unless our OL isn't improved.

At RB, It's not Ballard's position to lose. Don't forget the hype Pagano gave Brown in preseason, I think the two will split carries again this year until either fails to prove himself a starter or one goes down with an injury. If they want to upgrade/ add depth I think they'll look to Chris Ivory, Reggie Bush or maybe a Steelers RB (Jonathan Dwyer,Chris Rainey, Isaac Redman, Rashard Mendenhall (All free agents next year)) that could be cut in an effort to save $. Steven Jackson is another intriguing name alot of people aren't talking about that much. Many say he could have a Corey Dillion type career and at the right price might be a steal. I do feel Bradshaw is one RB we should stay away from with his bad Injury history especially since he might be looking for 2-6 mill a year. With our OL in such bad shape I think that no RB aside from SJax can be an immediate upgrade with no holes to run through (he did it in STL his entire career).

Alot of people want the Colts to get better at WR. Yes Reggie Wayne is 34 but TY Hilton has proved himself a quality player. Also keep in mind Austin Collie is still on the team and after all his injuries might finally play safer and reach his potential. Griff Whalen is a name most fans haven't heard in awhile, but if it wasn't for an injury in preseason he'd be starting at WR 2 imo. If the Colts want to get better at WR I think they will ignore the top FA and try signing a low key Wideout like Danario Alexander a big WR is a blessing to most QB's as he's an outlet. I'd also watch out for any teams to cut any of their WR's to get under the cap (Cowboys and Cardinals). If they do draft at WR it will not be in the 1st round. This Draft has the grades for the top WR and 3rd round talent at a very thin margin, so I expect a low rounder or UDFAs to try out. With the depth the Colts have at WR big names like Bowe and Jennings might not be worth the risk.

At TE I believe Fleener and Allen are the future. I think the Colts followed the Patriot model with drafting TE's and if all goes well Fleener could have Gronk numbers (a man can dream) next year. Fleener has the size and speed you look for in a receiving TE but battled injuries all year. I believe Allen will emerge the #1 TE next year, he hasn't done anything to warrent lossing the job and is the better run-blocker. The Colt's may add depth but nothing that would make a big splash.

At the OL we have a solid building block in Anthony Costanzo at LT and Satele can excell at C if he has more talent around him like he did in Oakland. Aside from those two players and Justice when HEALTHY, they're all expendible/ back-ups. I see the Colts either drafting J Cooper or DJ Fluker or through FA pursue Louis Vasquez (Chargers), Andy Levitre (Bills), and/or Matt Slauson (Jets). This line needs to be upgraded at least 2 or 3 times if the Front Office wants Luck to live.

I didn't think to list many Free Agents because with teams like the: cardinals, falcons, panthers, cowboys, lions, ravens, saints, giants, jets, raiders, steelers, rams and redskins all close to the cap ceiling (Or Over) their will be more cuts and more free agents to choose from.

In the past the Colts have always looked to Undrafted Free Agents to plug in holes and I don't expect that to change all that much. I do expect Grigson to evaluate our talent and try to figure out what position needs a playmaker or just a stop-gap solution.

I hope you enjoyed reading and comment your opinions below.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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