My Free Agency Outlook

Here's just a look at who I think our beloved Colts could/should look to resign/sign in Free Agency. This is just my personal opinion and I know people won't agree with it. We all know that we have a few holes that need filling, some of them I haven't addressed as I see them being addressed via the draft. Our needs in no particular order are OL, DE, OLB, CB, WR (2nd WR) and safety.

Who I think will get resigned:

Pat McAfee - fan favourite everyone loves him, a deffinate must sign

Winston Justice - when he wasnt hurt he looked decent, back up potential at worst

Jerraud Powers - personally I like him I think he struggled abit last year adjusting (also his injury history is something to think about) but at the right price I think he should be retained

Darius Butler - looked good enough to be a me to handle himself in our defense as a nickel/slot guy

Fili Moala - I remember watching the first few games of the season and thinking that Moala was handling himself and looked decent, again at worst he is a good back up

Free Agents I think we should sign:

Louis Vasquez - good guard can handle himself in the type of power run game Hamilton wants

Ramon foster (alternate if Vasquez is resigned by SD)

Phil Loadholt - arguably the best RT in the league will be lucky if he hits FA as mr MVP will be telling the vikes to resign him

Sam Baker/Bryant Mckinnie (alternates if Loadholt is resigned by Vikings)

Mike Devito - big physical DE that is often overlooked but great against the run

Vaughn Martin (alternate to Devito) - I'm sure jimmy raye will have mentioned Martin to grigson

Paul Kruger/Anthony Spencer - everyone knows about these to as there mentioned enough on here as it is, personally I would take either of them but spencer is better against the run.

Victor Butler/Shaun Phillips (alternate to Kruger/Spencer) - Butler is a young OLB who wasn't really used much in Dallas but I could see him having an impact wearing a horseshoe, Phillips is a league vet who would replace Freeney and provide some pass rush

Mike Jenkins - grigson/pagano seem to have some man love directed in Jenkins direction (all fimiliar with the trade rumours from last season) would be a deffinate starter across the way from Davis

Derek Cox (alternate to Jenkins) - when healthy Cox is nothing short of a ball hawk but injury history is always an issue in this league but then again nearly every player seems to have an injury history

Rashean Mathis/DRC ( alternate to Cox)

I think we will draft DE, OLB, OL and a WRbut not sure who as the joy if picking at #24 means it's best guess as who's available. If we do sign the players I have mentioned I think we would be under cap and have filled some holes even if its just that we have bettered the roster while protecting a luck and overall defense.

This is my first post on stampede blue so all criticism and opinions are welcome but try not to be too harsh, just as a little side note I'm from England, just across that big ocean, and I'm a huge colts fan have bin since the age of 12. Hopefully this will be the first UK fan post on stampede blue if not it was worth hoping haha, thanks for reading.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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