The Unusual Suspects: WR edition

We all know about the big names in FA and even the not so big name but big guy (Barden and Danario). We know about the unhappy camper in Minnesota and the problem child (Young).

I want to discuss 3 scenarios starting with the most extreme ending with the most probable IMO of cheaper and better WR. The three unusual suspects are as followed

Da'rick Rodgers aka "The Wild Card"

Yes we know he got in a little trouble in college but with Reggie Wayne in place to mentor him his past should be history. He is a poor man Julio Jones a big tough WR that will fight for extra yards. He is young and should be available in the 3rd round.

Andrew Luck and "The Wild Card"
Da'rick Rodgers can be a multi pro bowler. IMO after year 2 i think these guys will put up huge numbers ( Think Brady and Moss).

Best Case he will be like A.J Green (and please remember that even A.J Green got into a little trouble in College)

Next guy up is Mario Manniingham aka "The Rebound Guy"

He will be a free agent soon because most of his money is not guaranteed. Also coming off of a injury he will be dirt cheap. He has playoffs experience and can become the leader of this WR corp once Wayne retires. He can be the bridge that we need until we find a true #1 WR.

Andrew Luck and "The Rebound Guy"
Mario can step into the #1 role when Reggie Wayne leaves. He can become a savvy veteran or can just be a great seat filler until we find our #1WR.

Best Case he will be like Hines Ward ( a savvy vet who would do all the little things and was a leader on his team)

Last and the lowest risk is Brian Hartline aka "The Over Achiever"

Hartline has decent hands and may fumble from time to time but he has high character. He will step up if he has to but he know his roll as #2 WR. He will also be cheap and he should be happy to be on a winning team.

Andrew Luck and "The Over Achiever"
I think teams may under estimate him at times which will lead to some big games. He will be consistent. Hartline won't be a household name but a fan favorite.

Best case he will be like T.J Houshmandzedeh (may have a pro-bowl in a future but more likely to be the guy that will keep his head down and the chains moving)

These are some of the Unusual Suspects that I believe we can plug into our new WCO. We only may need 1 of these guys or we could get 2 which guy or combination of these guys will look good in blue

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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