Free Agency and Draft

Hi everybody. I'm 14 and this is my first post. Enjoy!

After two days of free agency, I have been very disappointed of what the Colts have done so far. I was looking forward to bragging to my Redskins and Ravens fan friends about what the Colts would do in free agency.

Me: "Oh, the Colts signed (insert big name free agent). What is your team doing?"

Redskins fan: "The Skins are $1.5 million under the salary- ....(Insert expletive phrase) you."

Right now, Grigs is robbing me that particular moment. So, I decided to create this post to state what I think should happen so I could make somebody pissed at me. I'll be updating this as more free agency news come to light.

Ravens fan: "It sucks. Kruger signed wi-... (insert expletive phrase) you."


-Darius Butler, CB: 2 years, money details unknown

-Gosder Cherilus, ROT: 5 years, $34.5 million ($15.5 guaranteed with a $10 million signing bonus, will be paid $5.5 million guaranteed in 2013)

-Greg Toler, DB: 3 years, $14.5 million ($5 million guaranteed with a $1 million signing bonus)

-Erik Walden, OLB: 4 years, $16 million

-Donald Thomas, OG: 4 years, $14 million ($1 million signing bonus)

-Lawrence Sidbury, OLB: Details unknown

-LaRon Landry, S: 4 years, $24 million ($11 million guaranteed)

-Ricky Jean-Francois, DL: 4 years, $22 million ($8.5 million guaranteed)


-Willie Colon, G: He played very well with the Steelers until he landed on the IR for the 3rd straight season due to a tearing of the triceps. I really would like this signing to happen for DEPTH purposes only. He has started at both the guard and tackle positions for all 16 games 2007 to 2009. Sign him for $4.5 million over 2 years, mostly incentive laden.

-Felix Jones, RB: I hate Felix Jones. However, the Colts need a change of pace back for Ballard. I would sign Jones until DeAnthony Thomas comes out :) Sign him for two years on a $4.5 million contract. Danny Woodhead will be okay too. Woodhead signed with the Bucs.

-Micheal Huff, S: Landry will probably be injured again, so get Huff as a backup. $6.5 million over two years. *Update* Zibs was released. Getting a backup SS now looks more sense*

-Danario Alexander, WR: The Bolts surprised many people by placing an original tender on Alexander. This is the opposite stiuation to Victor Cruz, who has a st round tender (teams will have to give a 1st round pick in compensation if they sign him (The Vikes should try)). If the Colts try to sign Alexander, we give up nothing. Therefore, in order to get a big target wide receiver, we should submit a bid of $2.8 million.

-Jason Campbell, QB: Harnish is learning the 2nd system in two years. Signing Campbell will give us insurance if Luck goes down. Let's cross our fingers that our signings will keep Luck up.


We have five picks in total, a 1st, a 3rd, a 4th, a 6th and a 7th. We will probably get a 6th comp. pick. Six picks is all we probably have. That is even less than the Skins, who has seven currently after trading a boatload of picks for RG3. We can't waste a single pick with so many needs. *Note: This is with my suggested free agent signings*

1st Round, #24 overall: I will leave this up to you in the comments. Vote through the comments and I will count later. (I'm rooting for a OLB)

3rd Round, #86 overall: Travis Fredrick, OG/C: To compete (and hopefully win) the other OG spot opposite Thomas

4th Round, #118 overall: David Quessenberry, OG/C: To play as a center. He is a really good athlete and has good mobility.

6th Round, #182 overall: Cornelius Washington, OLB/DE: Washington performed spectacularly at the Combine, placing in the top five of all of the drills he participated in. Washington can be a successor to Mathis. Don't look at his stats, for he was used the wrong way at Georgia.

6th Round Comp., unknown: TJ Barnes, NT: This will change to another player is Chapman if healthy. I'm crossing my fingers.

7th Round, #214 overall: Moe Lee, CB: He looks like a good development prospect and will hopefully step up as a nickel corner if somebody goes down.

Please post comments below!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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