pretty confident that it is Sidney Rice

I have talked to someone who works for the my local newspaper and they told me they have heard that the WR the colts are chasing is the seahawks Sidney Rice. Irsay said they have been working on this deal for 5 days. Harvin was traded to Seahawks 5 days ago (coincidence) and seattle gave up all of those picks and then on top of that they paid him. They now have Harvin, Rice, Tate, Baldwin. Tate and Baldwin are cheap and are capable #2 receivers. They cannot afford to pay Harvin and Rice after this year because Rice is due a salary of 8.5 million this yr and then 9 million next yr then becomes a free agent in 2016.

The colts could afford rice who has been in the league for 7 seasons but is only 26 yrs old. He started and played in all 16 games last yr. he was targeted 80 times only last yr which is good for 73rd in the league but he caught 50 of those passes for 748 yards and 7 tds. He is best known for his play in minnesota when favre was the QB. If he has a reliable QB and is targeted more he is capable of being an elite receiver.

He is also the definition of a Wopper

he is 6-4 and 202 lbs and runs a 4.51 40 yard dash time.

Look at his numbers from 2009
83 catches for 1312 yards and 8 tds

he then was injured the next yr but since has signed with seattle in 2011, he has not had a QB until last year. He also stayed healthy last year (played in all 16 games) and towards the end of the season when Russell Wilson was on his tear Rice was his primary receiver.

Imagine Luck Tossing the ball to both Wayne and Rice on the outside with a little T.Y. and allen, fleener and brazil.

He can probably be had but i expect if this deal may happen it may take up to the draft as that is when the dolphins shipped Marshall to the bears last year for 2 3rd rd picks. If seattle wants to dump him sort of like miami wanted to with marshall they may want similiar to what dolphins got for marshall. Irsay just wants to wait for the price to go down before he trades for rice.

i am all for trading for rice but since his salary is what it is and he has an injury history. Pile on the fact the seattle may want to dump his salary. We need to be patient and not overpay like we did with some of our free agents.

if we can trade for rice for maybe a 3rd this yr and a 4th next yr it would be worth it.

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