As you may know by now Bruce Arians is gone and Pep Hamilton is our new Offensive Coordinator, with Hamilton he brings a different offense to the one Arians ran. Hamilton runs a variance on the traditional West Coast style offense which focuses on a power running game and short passing routes. But one thing Hamiltons offense also intergrates is a FullBack, the Colts did not really utilise a fullback, even though Grigson said we would prior to the season but after all he's done I think we will let that one slide. The colts did have a fullback on the roster Robert Hughes but he got injuries and was hardly used prior to injury, the colts did however use Dwayne Allen in that FB/TE role as Allen excels in blocking. So Hamilton may not look to add a traditional FB and just use Allen for that role but as Hamilton also likes his two TE sets I can definitely see him using Allen as TE and signing or drafting a FB.

This is just a look at the fullbacks available in free agency and the upcoming draft.

Fullbacks available in Free Agency:

Jerome Felton (Vikings): an ex colt who helped pave room for Adrian Peterson to rush for over 2000 rushing yards last season, not expected to reach free agency but if he does he's definitely worth a look.

Ovie Mughelli (FA): spent time with the Rams last season but was released, not far removed from being one of the best blockers in the league when he was playing for the Falcons. He did tear his ACL in 2011 but seeing as he's coming off injury and didn't play much last season he could be a cheap addition

Corey McIntyre (Bills): heard rumours that the Bills are looking to resign him but if they don't he is definitely worth a look but he is the wrong side of 30 as he is 34 and would be more of a stop gap player

Greg Jones (Jaguars): was a jaguar last year after being waived by the giants but was an efficient special teams player for the jags

Lousaka Polite (FA):

Brit Miller (FA):

Owen Schmitt (FA):

Vonta Leach (Baltimore): not actually available but due to Baltimores cap situation he could be a cap casualty seeing as he is due to make around 4.5 million, I know for certain if Leach is cut Pagano will jump all over him and make sure he is signed (Pagano mentioned him in his combine interview)

Fullbacks in the Draft:

Lonnie Pryor (Florida State): projected round 4/5 - Possesses an athletic frame with a thick, powerful lower half. Flexible athlete who gets low and flashes explosiveness, driving his legs on contact to clear a hole or run through tackles. Alert, creative blocker who'll lunge to cut defenders in pursuit of his teammates. Natural runner with better lateral agility and speed than his size would indicate. Built more like a running back than a fullback, possessing narrow shoulders. Wasn't nearly as quick during his junior season when asked to bulk up. Pushes rather than explodes into defenders to block.

Zach Line (SMU): projected round 5/6 - Line runs with power and has a style similar to Stanford's Toby Gerhart in the 2010 NFL Draft, Line could be considered by some teams to be a running back in the NFL but fullback may be a better fit. He was the Mustangs' short-yardage back in 2009 as a freshman and recorded seven touchdowns. Line has contributed as a receiver with a total of 42 receptions for 370 yards in his career. If he can stay as productive as a senior, he should be selected in the 2012 NFL Draft. Traditional fullbacks are becoming few and far between in the NFL, so a player with Line's versatility to be a runner and receiver increases his value for the next level.

Kyle Juszczyk (Harvard): projected round 5 - Good H-back/fullback candidate. Good lead blocker, with the ability to de-cleat defenders. Soft hands, runs solid routes and can pick up the tough yards after the catch. Level of competition concerns. Must display the versatility to be able to line up in the backfield and be an effective lead blocker in the hole against NFL linebackers.

Zach Boren (Ohio State): projected round 7 - Boren had 11 carries for 40 yards and two touchdowns in the early portion of the season before switching to linebacker. He also had five receptions for 42 yards. Boren was a good blocker for Dan Herron and others at Ohio State. Boren is not much of a receiver with only 20 receptions for 151 yards and one touchdown in his career. He is not much of a runner either, having only one carry for two yards. Still, Boren is a powerful lead blocker who can run over defenders.

Michael Zordich (Penn State): projected round 7 or UDFA - Zordich is an intense competitor whose motor is full bore all the time. He has superior read and recognition skills. He is very explosive getting through the whole and making contact. He has very good lateral range from sideline-to-sideline. Solid, form tackler and he uses his hands well to shed blocks. Also excels in coverage. However he isn't the quickest and does lack NFL level speed.

These are just a few options as there may be more players released and available in FA and I only covered a handful of the FBs that are entering the draft. Thanks for reading all comments and opinions welcomed.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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