According to my buddy, the Kansas City Chiefs will have a better record than the Colts

The other day, some friends and I were having a discussion about the 2013 NFL season. In my group of friends, there are several fellow Colts fans, but there are some who just enjoy watching the NFL, and take no team as their own. Respectable. However, I have one friend who loves to blow me crap about the Colts, mostly because I guess it annoys him that I'm such a fan boy. He then made a bet with me, for 100 bucks, that I could pick an NFL team and that team would post a better record than the Colts by the end of the season. I decided to try an make this fair, and fun, so I pick the Redskins (he's an RGIII fan). He says no. Alright... Bengals. No. Rams. No. So I ask him to make a decision, and he picks the Chiefs. The. Chiefs. Now, as a Colts fan, I know that in no way possible should you underestimate a team because of their performance the year before. But, I really don't see this happening. Here's the way I see it next year:

KC: Home ---- Away --------- -----INDY: Home -------- Away

Denver - L ---- Denver - L --------------Houston - W ---- Houston - L

Oakland - W ---- Oakland -L ---- Jacksonville - W ---- Jacksonville - W

San Diego - W ---- San Diego - L ---- Tennessee - W ---- Tennessee - W

Houston - L ---- Jacksonville - W ---- Denver - L ---- Kansas City - W

Indy - L ---- Tennessee - L ---- Oakland - W ---- San Diego - W

Dallas - L ----- Philadelphia - L ---- St. Louis ----- W Arizona - W

NY Giants - L --- Washington - L ---- Seattle - W --- SF - L

Cleveland - W ---- Buffalo - W---- Miami - W ---- Cincinnati - L

*I apologize, I know this looks like crap, couldn't figure out how to make a real chart*

Kansas City, 5-11(taking the over) , Colts going 12-4 (taking the under).

That's how I see it going, and even though my blue blood was boiling, I had to be a bit realistic with some of the games. Honestly, I think the toughest non-division games for the Colts next year will be Denver, Seattle, San Fran and Cincinnati (not counting out AZ either, I think they're very underrated). Any of those games I mentioned I think could go either way, and they're definitely the games I'm looking forward to the most. Last time I made a preseason bet it went pretty well. A co-worker bet me 100 bucks Colts wouldn't win 5 games, and well, you know how that one turned out. What do you guys think? I look forward to reading your comments, thanks for reading!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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