Almost to Free Agency...

I dont know about you guys, but I am bored as hell now and I need some good Colts rumors and speculation to get me to free agency. So, I decided to post some and we'll go from there.

1) According to the Baltimore Sun, the Colts are interested in CB Cary Williams.
From Rotoworld:

"The Baltimore Sun says the Colts will "probably" pursue free agent CB Cary Williams.
Williams isn't going to be back with the Ravens, and landing in Indianapolis with his former defensive boss, Chuck Pagano, makes a ton of sense. The Colts are really weak in the defensive backfield, and pairing Williams with Vontae Davis would make a capable duo. In January, Williams thought he might be worth $8-10 million annually, but there's no chance he gets that kind of money. "

My take: I think this is a bad idea. I understand that Chuck has worked extensively with Williams but aside from that relationship, there are quite a few options at CB that would be much better than Cary. According to PFF, Williams is the 40th ranked free agent corner available. In comparison, Darius Butler is # 7 and ex Colt Jacob Lacey is # 35. I try not to rely too much on stats, but that's pretty damn terrible. I hope this is a bad rumor.

2) Donnie Avery to the Jets?

From Rotoworld:

"The New York Post mentions free agents Donnie Avery and Brian Hartline as options for the Jets.

Avery makes a lot more sense. He'll be cheaper for the cap-strapped Jets, and he's a deep threat that Gang Green lacks at the moment. Plus, Avery is more of a role player. The Jets appear to have a set starting trio at receiver in Santonio Holmes, Jeremy Kerley, and Stephen Hill -- not that it's a good group"

My take: This would be great as it would clear up a WR spot to either draft a WR or pick up one in free agency. I dont hate Donnie Avery as his style of play fit the vertical offense that Arians liked to run. However, with the Colts moving to the WC offense, I dont see a need for two burners on the team now and if a team were to be interested in Avery, it would allow a better transition from Arian's offense to Pep's.

3) According to ProFootballCentral, the Colts will pursue Paul Kruger.

"The Indianapolis Colts are the latest team that will pursue soon to be free agent LB Paul Kruger . Kruger once worked with current Colts head coach Chuck Pagano back when he was an assistant with the Baltimore Ravens."

My take: I think many people get excited about Kruger based off his play in the latter part of the season and in the playoffs. I'd be happy to pick him up but not for a big contract. Kruger is pretty bad as a run stopper and well, we sucked at stopping the run last year. If you were to pay Kruger and Anthony Spencer the same contract then it would be better to pick up Spencer for his run stopping abilities. For a value edge defender, the Colts might want to look at Victor Butler of the Cowboys. He stepped up from a backup role and played well enough to grade out only 0.8 pts below Paul Kruger.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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