Trading Down Partners

Everybody in Stampedeblue is hoping that Grigson can find a way to trade our first round pick. However, this is easier said than done. This year's draft class is loaded in depth. Most teams won't see a big difference between the 15th pick and the 35th pick. However, there is always willing trade partners and all you have to do is know where to look. Below are some of the teams that I think that could try to trade for the #24 overall pick.

San Francisco 49ers: They have a boatload of picks and they already have enough young depth. Why not trade up to get a stud? They surprisingly have a bunch of needs. Justin Smith is not getting younger. San Francisco needs DBs to replace Goldson and to face the emerging Seattle threat. The 49ers can also draft a WR to replace Moss. They also need a center. Although they will probably trade into the top ten to get Tavon Austin.

Trade that makes sense: We trade our 1st round pick (24th overall) for one of their 2nd round picks (61th overall), a 3rd round pick (93rd overall) and a 2nd next year. Although this doesn't add up all the way on the trade value chart, we will have to take it because of the deflated value of picks this year.

Baltimore Ravens: I was talking about the Ravens with a Raven fan the other day and he brought up the idea that the Ravens might trade up in order to get Alec Olgetree as the replacement for Ray Lewis. Apparently, the Ravens don't like Manti Te'o too much, so they might not wait until the 32nd pick to get a MLB they like. It doesn't hurt that Pagano possibly has inside information to make this deal happen.

Trade that makes sense: We trade our first round pick (24th overall) for their first round pick (32nd overall), a 3nd round pick (96th overall) and some Raven player (maybe Albert McClellan). Grigson is trading for players on the Eagles, so why not the Ravens?

Washington Redskins: As a Northern VA resident, I often get into arguments about Luck vs RG3 and who has the worst team outside of QB. These conversations often revolve around the state of the WRs and the secondary. The Redskins desperately need a DB to help anchor the secondary after releasing DeAngelo Hall (he wasn't a good 1st corner anyway). Using the 2 round no-trade mock draft in as a reference, cornerbacks such as Desmond Trufant and Johnthan Banks are still available at the 24th overall pick. Although that mock draft has Kenny Vaccaro going to the Bengals a few picks ahead of us, he can easily drop a few picks to be available at the 24th if the Skins want to go the safety route.

Trade that makes sense: The Redskins do not want to give up too many picks this year after trading for RGKnee last year. So I think a trade that would make sense is our first round pick (24th overall) for their second round pick (51th overall), a 5th round pick next year and running back Roy Helu. Roy Helu is one of my favorite players on the Redskins. During the 2011 season, Helu was on primarily a time share with Ryan Torain. However, he ripped off three 100 yard games against the Seahawks, Jets and Patriots late in the season. It will be nice to have his type of production wearing blue if he stays healthy.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: It is basically the same thing as with the the Skins. The Bucs desperately needs a DB. There will most likely be a starter waiting at the 24th pick. The probably need a DB more than the Redskins, since they play in a division with Cam Newton, Matt Ryan and Drew Brees.

Trade that makes sense: We trade our 1st round pick (24th overall) for the Bucs 2nd round pick (12th overall) and LaGarrette Blount. Like Roy Helu, LaGarrette Blount was overshadowed by a star rookie RB. Both Blount and Helu were solid starters. Currently, according to Jason La Canfora (, Blount signed a one year deal with the Bucs, but they are trying to deal him for a 5th round pick.

*Edit* Denver Broncos: You can read the original thinking by Radcolt down below in the comments.

They need help on the defensive line and especially at DT. The Vikings are sandwiched right around us at 23 and 25. The Vikings biggest needs are WR and DT. There is still a possibility we go WR at #24 due to Reggie’s age. The Vikes may not want to chance passing on a WR at #23. Denver knows we won’t take a 4-3 DT so they may want to jump the Vikings to grab a DT like Shorts or Williams.

Nice thinking.

Trade that makes sense: Our entire draft for Peyton Manning. LOL no way. For real: Our 1st round pick (24th overall) for their 1st (28th overall) and their 3rd (92nd overall).

So who do you think is a good trade partner? Comment below and if you think of another trading partner and have good reasons, I'll edit this article and give you a shoutout :)

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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