Mock Draft Friday: Todd McShay Is Insane

Bob Levey

We're less than two weeks away from the 2013 NFL Draft. Here are three mocks we find fascinating for three different reasons.

Accurate Mock

Mocking the Draft- SB Nation

Jarvis Jones, OLB
Indianapolis needs a productive pass rusher for its 3-4 defense, and the most productive 3-4 linebacker in the class falls to them at pick No. 24. Jarvis Jones isn't a perfect prospect, but he has the motor and snap anticipation to make plays.

My Comment: I'm not opposed to this, and I think that if Jones falls to the Colts at No. 24, they will take him. They didn't just invite him to their facilities to hang out and pose behind a podium. There is real interest in Jones by the decision-makers at West 56th Street.

Interesting Mock - Gil Brandt

Silvester Williams, DT
He does not have prototypical height for his position at 6-3, but he is a very strong, competitive player who seems to go hard all the time. North Carolina recruits good players, and Williams is no exception.

My comment: Brandt has been evaluating the draft longer than most of us have been alive. So, whenever he has a comment about a team and a player that they might pick, it's best to listen. I'm not against this pick, but I do find it interesting that Brandt has Indianapolis taking a 320 lb. defensive tackle that isn't particularly good at playing nose guard. If Indianapolis were still playing Tampa-2, this guy would be No. 1 on my list at pick 24.

Amazing 'WTF?' Mock

ESPN- Todd McShay, via BGN

D.J. Hayden , CB

My comment: Look, I have nothing against McShay or Mel Kiper Jr., but both seem very keyed in on the Colts taking a corner in the first round. In McShay's case, he has Indy taking Hayden over players like DE-OLB Bjoern Werner, DE-DT Datone Jones, WR DeAndre Hopkins and OT Justin Pugh.

Sorry, but that's completely insane.

After trading for Vontae Davis last year, signing free agent corner Greg Toler this year, and re-signing Darius Butler & Cassius Vaughn, it makes no sense for the Colts to take Hayden at No. 24 while passing up those other players. Guys like Hopkins, Jones, and Werner fill critical needs, and I'd argue all three are better players than Hayden, who recently mocked in the third round.

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