Grigson on Draft

GM Ryan Grigson had a press conference today, and answered many glaring question we have been wondering about. He touched mainly on the draft, and while we've already made some educated guesses on some moves the Colts might make, he did go over things that we won't know until Draft day. Here are ten interesting things I've gathered from the press conference, and my comments will be below each.

1. Grigson: At the end of the day, we want the best football players.

Comment: Obviously, any GM would say that they want the best football players. It may just be an easy-answer-that-sounds-good for Ryan Grigson, but it might mean something else. He may be saying that we are looking more at the player on the field than the character. He might mean that we want the best-player-available rather than the needed position. Let's see what else he had to say about this.

2. We always look at "best players, best talent".

Comment: This may portray his desire in drafting best player available. This also may prove that he wants a an athlete just as much as anything. That's definitely something we should wonder about.

3. Grigson: We will have a discussion about that "special player" regardless of the position.

Comment: This shows that when our pick comes around at 24, we will look at two sides on the coin- player by need and player by skill. In other words, the colts draft room will be deciding between who we need the most and who is the best player there, regardless of the position.

4. There are "300 or so" players on the draft board.

Comment: This just proves that we've been digging into each player. We have found what we like and don't like, and I'm sure we will be ready for draft day.

5. Grigson: We will trade down if there's not a player we're excited about.

Comment: We have 300 players on the draft board like Grigson said, but that doesn't mean that there will be someone we like enough to draft there at 24. This also blossoms more speculation into who we might trade down with.

6. We're looking for a "sure-fire" starter at 24.

Comment: We obviously want a starter from day one, but this might mean we are leaning in the direction of best player available.

7. Grigson: Playing mind games with other GMs is a waste of time.

Comment: This means that if we are looking at somebody hard, that doesn't mean we're trying to spark a trade, it means we want him.

8. Draft Strenght: DL, OL, DBs.

Comment: Grigson obviously knows what he's talking about, and he truly believes that the strength of the draft is found in those categories. This might mean that we're targeting a name from one of those positions.

9. Grigson: The game is won in the trenches, and this is a really good trench draft.

Comment: Grigson might be looking hard at the O-Line and D-Line, since that's all he's talking about when it comes to positions. He also clarified that he's not playing mind games, so I don't think that he's doing this to sell people on something and then change his direction.

10. Grigson: Focus of the offseason has been about stopping the run.

Comment: This might just show that the reason we went with certain FAs is because it's what we've been focusing on, but it also might show that we are targeting a run-stopper on defense.

My overview on the draft is that we are focusing on O-Line, D-Line, Pass-rusher and/or Cornerback in the first round. My theory still holds that we should draft a WR in the first, but honestly, whatever Grigson does, I'm right behind him.

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