Handicapping the 24th Pick

It's Friday, you have a job, and you've got STUFF to do....

but you don't really want to do that stuff. Who can blame you?

Instead, how about a little handicapping game. I am not a betting man myself, but I have tried to read between the lines on Grigson's comments this off-season, as well as pay attention to whom he is paying attention. I also think there is some truth to his immediate reaction of "No" when asked if the mock drafts had it right.

I thought we might throw around some numbers on potential #24 picks. I will start us off with a few, and you can fill in the rest. This shall be done in simple ratio format with whatever explanation you so desire. Let's keep it civil. Remember, this is not what YOU would do if employed as GM of the Indianapolis Colts. This is what you think Ryan Grigson will do, since he actually IS the GM of the Indianapolis Colts.

Whether or not you think a guy will be there can also be reflected (ex: Lane Johnson - 500:1...he won't be there).

5:1 Margus Hunt, DE, SMU

Is 24 high? Maybe. But remember Grigson has said that he doesn't grade the same way as other guys, and he recently had Hunt in for a two day visit. He may consider trading back to get him, but if you listen to his comments on under tackles and what a 3-4 DE is supposed to look like, you have to think he loves the 6'8" Hunt.

6:1 D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama

We talked to Fluker at the Senior Bowl, even though he could not play. That was before signing Cherilus, but he might be the BPA at pick 24 and would be a mauler in the run game at RG. Run blocking is his forte.

8:1 Sylvester Williams, DT/DE, UNC

We talked to him at either the Senior Bowl or the Combine. He fits the mold of a guy Grigson said was originally outside the first round, but the mocks have started putting in the first. So does Hunt, for that matter.

12: 1 Cordarelle Patterson

I would have said 50:1 a week ago, but it is starting to look like he may be there.

15:1 Keenan Allen

The WR coach was asking a lot of questions at the pro day. I know he ran a 4.71 injured, but he is on his way to recovery and looks like a special player in the WCO. Grigson also has said he loves it when a guy doesn't test well.

20:1 Jarvis Jones

Speaking of guys who don't test well, there is no doubt Jones would be on Grigson's radar at 24. I put him at 20:1 because I honestly think he will be gone by that time. After watching him in college, he has been the #1 player on my board all year long.

25:1 Trade Down

If he doesn't like the guy there, he will trade down. But I still think he will keep the pick.

Let us all know what you think of these picks, and insert guys I have not mentioned. For instance, I left Hopkins and all the cornerbacks for someone to explore, and there are plenty of other linemen.

Have fun.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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