Mock Draft (long post). All 32 Teams

Let me start out by saying that I am not representing any team. I couldn't write a fanpost on the SB Nation Mock Draft site, so I decided to post this on the site that I follow the most- Stampede Blue. You guys are great and you give plenty of valuable information about the Colts. Thanks for the hard work and time you put into it. Anyway, I am doing this to get out my first and only Mock Draft of the year. Please read what I have to say, as I have put in hours upon hours of work. I am including trades in my mock, and while I don't know if every trade rumor is legit, I trust my sources.The symbol * represents a trade. Let's get started.

1. Kansas City Chiefs - Luke Joeckel (OT).

My Comment: With new Head Coach Andy Reid, the Chiefs hold the number one spot in the Draft. After the signing of Alex Smith, it seems highly unlikely that the Chiefs will draft a QB. Smith fits the Andy Reid style of "mobile" quarteback, although he is not "Vick" all. So now that he has his QB, he needs someone to protect him. After the franchise tag was laid on LT Brandon Albert a couple months ago, it seemed unlikely that KC would draft an OT at number one. However, the Chiefs coaching staff seems to want him out badly, especially after the trade rumors of the past week. This isn't surprising, considering that Albert has been stubborn about coaches asking him to move to RT or OG. Paying him the kind of money he's being paid, you would want him to submit to the coach's will, but he is doing quite the opposite. Kansas City wants him to get out quickly, and I believe the Dolphins or some team like that will trade for him. So, with Albert out, the OT position needs some help, and they're in perfect position to satisfy the need. Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher are on the board. They are arguably the best two players in the draft. So which one do they draft? The Andy Reid style offense usually has a fast/mobile QB in it, in this case Alex Smith. The solution here is not to find out who is better (Joeckel or Fisher); it is to find out who fits the system better, in this case Luke Joeckel. Joeckel was used in a "mobile quarterback" scheme last season at Texas A&M, with Jonny "Football" scrambling around the entire field. So Joeckel has more experience than Fisher, plus he is a better pass-protector than Fisher is. I believe the Chiefs will take Luke Joeckel at #1 overall.

2. Jacksonville Jaguars - Dion Jordan (DE)

My Comment: The Jaguars are in a rebuilding mode. They have many needs including QB, DE and O-Line. Hot prospects that fill these needs are Geno Smith (QB), Dion Jordan (DE), Ezekiel Ansah (DE), and Luke Joeckel/Eric Fisher (OT). The Jaguars GM David Caldwell recently said that the team is down to "two" players that they are deciding between. This could obviously be any two players in the draft, but I believe this narrows it down in the sense that both players play roughly the same position. This is why: you don't go into draft day flipping a coin on whether you improve the offense or the defense. You know what you want to improve, and whoever is available, you draft. So, let's go through the positional needs and see who these two players are. QB: Geno Smith and... Nobody else is worth even mentioning here, so I believe QB is out of the question. O-Line: Luke Joeckel and Eric Fisher. The problem is that the Jags just recently drafted Eugean Monroe who has proven to be a good LT in the NFL. Drafting another one would just be a waste when considering the other glaring needs. DE: Dion Jordan and Ezekiel Ansah. This is a big need for Jacksonville, and both players could make a difference on this defense. I think they want Dion Jordan more, considering he is a better fit in the system and that he is less of a "project" than Ansah is. I believe Dion Jordan is the guy who the Jags have been looking at for that #2 pick.

3. Raiders - Sharrif Floyd (DT)

My Comment: The obvious need of the Raiders is DT. Although some other positions need filled (CB and LB), DT needs the most help. Luckily for them, there is a lot of talent at the position, including the former Florida Gator Sharrif Floyd. There is no doubt they will go with DT at #3. The only other option is trading back, but I don't believe a team will trade up to #3 to get someone this year. I truely believe the Raiders will draft a DT, and that will be Floyd. If they don't go with him, they probably will go with Star Lotulelei.

4. Philadelphia Eagles - Eric Fisher (OT)

My Comment: New Head Coach Chip Kelly out of Oregon has his own fast/aggressive system of playing. Most people say that Chip Kelly needs a fast QB to run his offense, so therefore he should draft Geno Smith. However, I along with many others think differently. First off, Geno Smith is not fast. He ran a 4.8 40 time, in which OT Terron Armstead beat. Secondly, if he wants a fast QB, he has Michael Vick. I really don't think Chip wants to mess up his first draft with a QB, so I think he'll go best-player-available. In this case,the BPA (Eric Fisher)also fills a big need (OT). Fisher is the kind of guy who plays aggressive and fast, which is what they want in Philly. For now, Eric Fisher fills the biggest need, and he is the best-player-available.

5. Detroit Lions - Ezekiel Ansah (DE)

My Comment: Although many think Ziggy is too raw to be a top five pick, the Lions staff may not. Jim Schwartz coached at the Senior Bowl a few months back, and guess who was on his team - Mr. Ziggy Ansah, who left an impression on all draft scouts. Since then, the Lions have let pass-rusher Cliff Avril walk to Free Agency, and just recently let Kyle Vanden Bosch go as well. Those were their only guys who played well at DE last year, and they let them both go. This all points to DE Ezekiel Ansah being drafted at five overall. While improvement in the secondary would be nice, they just improved at safety during free agency, and GM Mike Mayhew just pointed out the fact that they drafted three CBs in last years draft. I really believe the Lions want Ziggy, and they are willing to take him at #5.

*6. San Diego Chargers - Lane Johnson (OT)

My Comment: Trade Alert: The Browns trade away their 6th overall for the Chargers 11th overall and their 2nd rounder. This is just a prediction, but a very good one in my opinion. The Browns want a CB, but Milliner is the only one worth taking, and he just had 5 shoulder surgeries. Their main option at this point is trading back. The Chargers want an OT badly, and Lane Johnson is available still. This trade works out for both teams. The Chargers have been in need of an O-Lineman ever since the start of last season, and after the loss of Vasquez in Free Agency, the need is even greater. As soon as they see the opportunity to trade up here and grab Johnson, they will jump. Lane Johnson fits everything they do, and he fills a need. Don't be surprised if they jump at this and take him at 6.

7. Arizona Cardinals - Chance Warmack (OG) My Comment: The Cardinals have recently added QB Carson Palmer to the mix, so I think any rumors of Geno to the Cards are false. The Cardinals need an OG, and Chance Warmack is here. He paved the way for Ingram, Richardson and Lacy while at Alabama, and he is possibly one of the best guard prospects coming out in history. Don't be surprised if you see this on Thursday.

8. Buffalo Bills - Ryan Nassib (QB)

My Comment: The Bills new Head Coach was the Syracuse Head Coach last season. While he was there, QB Ryan Nassib led the team to a great season. So, Nassib has some chemistry with the Bills already, and the Bills biggest need is a QB. While I think it's a definite reach, the Bills may think that he might not be there in round two, and that he is a step ahead of everybody else since he knows them the most. Don't forget about two years ago, when the Titans took Locker at 7 when everone thought that was a reach. The same thing will probably happen here at eight.

9. New York Jets - Barkevious Mingo (DE/OLB) My Comment: Everything points to this as we settle in for draft day. Mingo fills the Jets biggest need at pass-rusher, and they already fell in love with him according to sources. This is one of the safest predictions of the draft, so don't be surprised if Mingo gets a phone call from the Jets on Thursday.

10. Tennessee Titans - Jonathan Cooper (OG)

My Comment: The Titans have an obvious need at OG. Although there are better players on the board (Milliner and Lotulelei), I think the Titans will draft by need and here's why. First off, a couple of years ago the Titans drafted by need and took Jake Locker at #7 overall, why won't they do it again. Secondly, the coaches will lose their job if Locker doesn't play well, and Locker won't play well if he can't be protected. Also the running game suffered last year due to poor blocking caused by the guards. The Titans need one, and Cooper is the guy to take.

*11. Cleveland Browns - DeMarcus Milliner (CB)

The Browns may take Milliner at number 6 for all we know, but if they trade back and he's still there, they'll get him in a heartbeat. Milliner can play both at the line for tackling and off the line for coverage. He is very versatile and has great ball skills. He fits the team well with what they want to accomplish, and I wouldn't be surprised if we heard his name called by the Browns.

*San Francisco 49ers - Star Lotulelei (DT)

My Comment: Trade Alert. I have the 49ers trading up with the Dolphins for their 12th overall pick, in exchange for the 49ers 31st,34th, and 128th overall picks. This would allow the 49ers to take a top DT in Star Lotulelei. They need a replacement for Justin Smith as he ages, and Lotulelei would fill that spot perfectly. He's big and strong and possesses great technique. If he could just get a year of learning and light playing in behind Justin Smith, he would be pro-bowl ready, no doubt.

13. New York Jets - Tavon Austin (WR)

My Comment: Tavon Austin is one giant step towards success for this offense. Probably the greatest thing missing last year on offense was a lethal WR. Sanchez could not get the ball to anybody, and while we could blame Sanchez for all the team's problems, it may have been just a lack of decent WRs. Tavon Austin definitely brings talent to the table, and that's what this offense is lacking.

14. Carolina Panthers - Sheldon Richardson (DT)

My Comment: The Panthers need help on Defense, especially at DT. This is, no doubt, there biggest need, and Sheldon Richardson works out perfectly. He has great size, strength, and tackling. He can move around as well. He should be a perfect fit to this Panther Defense.

15. New Orleans Saints - Kenny Vaccaro (S)

My Comment: The Saints offense proved to be legit last year after Sean Payton was suspended. However, the Defense was not. It needs about as much improvement as possible, and it starts in the secondary. Vaccaro would fill a big need at safety, as he is one of the most talented players in this entire draft.

16. St. Louis Rams - Cordarrelle Patterson (WR)

My Comment: The Rams need a WR, especially after the loss of Danny Amendola. There is no doubt they will take one either here or at 22, but for now, Patterson is probably the best wideout on the board, and I say the Rams take a shot at him. It's either that or they go Safety, which is a possibility.

17. Pittsburgh Steelers - Tyler Eifert (TE)

My Comment: As the Steelers failed to make the playoffs this year, Big Ben and the other QBs who played struggled getting the ball to the WRs. This is either a result of no O-Line help or no WR help. Either way, Pittsburgh just lost Mike Wallace to Free Agency, and Heath Miller is getting old. So, the Steelers must address this need of red-zone threats. Tyler Eifert is big, fast, has great hands, and can make plays with people hanging on him. The Steelers are going to figure that this TE is better than any other WR left, and they'll take him. When Miller is gone, he'll be an easy replacement as Tyler Eifert is really an even better form of Heath Miller.

18. Dallas Cowboys - DJ Fluker (RT)

My Comment: The Cowboys offense last year struggled as D'Linemen kept getting to Romo. Fluker is the kind of guy who can play both guard and tackle, which may be necessary for the Cowboys moving forward. Fluker played a solid career at Alabama, and there is no reason to believe that this is a reach. Fluker should be taken by the Cowboys.

19. New York Giants - Jarvis Jones (OLB)

My Comment: The Giants' draft scheme has always been simple- best-player-available. This scheme has worked for years and it is still in play. That being said, Jarvis Jones is the BPA. He had a tremendous year at Georgia in 2012, and is one of the better athletes of this draft. Not only is Jones the BPA, he also fills a great need at OLB. There is no doubt that the Giants would take Jones in this situation.

*Atlanta Falcons - Xavier Rhodes (CB)

My Comment: Trade Alert. This trade takes place between the Bears and the Falcons. The Falcons give up their 1st, 2nd, and 4th rounders for the Bears 1st rounder. This would set up a perfect opportunity for the Falcons to get Xavier Rhodes, one of the better prospects in this draft. Rhodes is a great all-around corner. He's instinctive and can make big plays. He fits perfectly into what the Falcons are doing.

21. *Jacksonville Jaguars - Geno Smith (QB)

My Comment: Trade Alert. The Bengals are in prime position to trade out. Although they could fill a need here, they could fill that need at pick 33 and beyond. However, the Jaguars realize that one QB is off the board, and Geno Smith is a great player. There is a chance he will slide to pick 33, but they may not want to risk that chance. Instead, they trade up to 21 and take Geno there.

22. St. Louis Rams - Matt Elam (S)

My Comment: Matt Elam is everything the Rams want here. He has all the talent, production, skill level, and satisfication of a need that the Rams are looking for. Elam did great at Florida, and there's no reason he can't do the same in St. Louis. If the Rams don't go with Elam, they'll probably get Cyprien or Reed so that they secure the Safety position, which is a major need.

23. Minnesota Vikings - Justin Hunter (WR)

My Comment: After the loss of Percy Harvin, the Vikings need help at WR, even though they did sign Greg Jennings. Hunter is big with great hands, not to mention his 4.4 40-time. Hunter had good production at Tennessee, and the Vikings would be stupid no to consider him at 23.

24. Indianapolis Colts - Desmond Trufant (CB)

My Comment: Desmond Trufant is a great player, and he would fill somewhat of a need at CB. He's very athletic, possessing great measurables and skills for the position. He is in a football family, as Marcus Trufant (Seattle) is his brother. Trufant is definitely the BPA at this point, so don't be surprised if the Colts go here.

25. Minnesota Vikings - Manti Te'o (ILB)

My Comment: The Panthers need an ILB, and Te'o matches the need. He's very athletic and had great production while at ND. He would be no surprize here at 25. The only reason I had the Vikings taking Hunter first, and then Te'o is because the Colts have a chance at taking Hunter, so they won't want to risk that by taking Te'o first.

26. Green Bay Packers - Eddie Lacy (RB)

My Comment: The Packers need a running game, and Lacy provides that with his great power and vision. He is very elusive, and while he may not have break-away speed, he can blow through players just as well as Gore and Lynch. He would definitely be an improvement to this runnig game, a lacking area in 2012.

27. Houston Texans - DeAndre Hopkins (WR)

My Comment: The Texans need someone to step in as the 2nd-WR/fill-in for Andre Johnson. Andre can't do it all by himself, making Hopkins a need on the team. He would proved stability for this receiving group, while filling a need at WR.

28. Denver Broncos - Bjoern Werner (DE)

My Comment: The Broncos D-line got help in Free Agency as they added a DT to the group. Now, all they need is someone to play opposite of Derek Wolfe. Bjoern Werner is that guy. He's big, strong, and shows flashes of JJ Watt in his film. He could be a breakout player for anybody this year.

29. New Engand Patriots - DJ Hayden (CB)

My Comment: DJ Hayden is one of the best CBs in this class, but after he pierced an artery and nearly died, people are wondering if he is worth it. If anybody knows how th evaluate talent, it's Bill Belichick. I think he will see something in DJ Hayden and draft him at 29.

30. *Chicago Bears - Arthur Brown (OLB)

My Comment: Arthur Brown has visited with the Bears many times recently, and there is a good chance he'll be taken by Chicago at 20. If he is still available at 30, they will take him.

31. *Philadelphia Eagles - EJ Manuel (QB)

My Comment: The original holder of this spot was the 49ers. However, I had them trade with the Dolphins for the 12 spot. Now I have the Eagles trading up to get EJ Manuel here. The Dolphins are in a bad position to get an O-Lineman or CB, but the Eagles may want to trade. If the Eagles want Manuel (rumors say they do), then their best option is to trade up.

32. Baltimore Ravens - Alec Ogletree (OLB)

My Comments: The Ravens just lost 6 defensive starters, so the solution here is to see who the best defensive player is available. Alec Ogletree is a great athlete who has everything but a clean record. He was recently arrested for drugs, and as we well know, that can destroy careers. However, he is the BPA, and that's all that matters here.

Thanks for reading. Sorry if it seems crammed, but I am a Freshman in Highschool and I just had a big event that put me behind on the Draft. Anyway, enjoy the Draft!

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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