Colts Mock on Draft Day

Alright, here's a first. My first post on the "Blog that Brad Built." Last minute decision to put my personal thoughts on potential draft selections together for our beloved Colts.

Colts - 2013 NFL Draft

1a. Datone Jones, DE, UCLA

1b. D.J. Hayden, CB, Houston

1c. Manti Te'o, LB, Notre Dame


Yes, I know, Te'o will likely be gone - but remember that Grigson likes value at his selections, and if Te'o were to slide down and be available at #24, there's probably too many reasons that would compel him to pull the trigger. Even at this late date, I'm not entirely sold on Datone Jones as a high-impact player for Indianapolis, but there are many scouts who feel he will be solid enough to at least consistently reinforce a defense up front. Other scouts aren't seeing it.

CB/secondary is obviously not out of the question here, even beyond D.J. Hayden. Personally I have Johnthan Banks as my second-favorite here (after Hayden) because of his length and knack for knocking down passes. A potential free-fall by Dee Millner might create an unforseen pick of Safety.

OL....again, if it weren't for the fact that GM Ryan Grigson stating that he likes to snatch up a top player that is sliding, I'd consider reaching here for Kentucky OG Larry Warford. The Colts could really benefit from a bigger, nastier OLIne, and Warford represents both. And there's some late rumor that Justing Pugh might sneak into Round One. Since the Colts don't have a 2nd round pick, the trade-down possibility would help if they're serious about early round OL talent.

Can't help thinking of the huge lure of Eddie Lacy being tapped at #24. What a huge steal, but RB position has almost been completely eradicated from first round consideration in last decade. If for some reason the FO decides a WR is best available, I hope they have Justin Hunter at the top of their positional list.

3a. Barrett Jones, OC, Alabama

3b. Brian Schwenke, OC, California

3c. Jonathan Bostic, LB, Florida

Comments: I highly doubt Jones will be hanging around by our 3rd Rd pick at #86. For that matter, Schwenke could be long gone, as well as LBer Jon Bostic. Either of those three gentlemen could significantly enhance our roster and become an immediate starter. I keep thinking of the potential of a guy like Cornelius Washington (who is also probably gone at this selection), the OLB34 out of Georgia as a seriously compelling risk/reward pick.

So if we go with the assumption that all those folks are off the board, it could come down to Defensive Tackle value with Brandon Williams of Missouri Southern or UConn OLB Trevardo Williams. The Colts may go for Buckeye LOT Reid Fragel, and move him over to the right side of the OL.

4a. Marcus Davis, WR, Virginia Tech

4b. Ty Powell, OLB, Harding

4c. Stepfan Taylor, RB, Stanford


The book on Marcus Davis is that he doesn't block well and has suspect hands. That's not good. However solid, he ran a 10-yard split of 1.63, hands are over 10" and arm length over 33" he has the advantage with almost any DB he faces in terms of a jump ball. If a vet like Reggie Wayne can mold him in an effective manner, what a steal this young man would turn out to be for the Colts

.Ty Powell is a rather obscure name to many, but has been rising on draft boards the past few weeks. From tiny Harding, Powell played multiple positions (DE,S and LB) and is a hard hitter. He's quick and had a 37" vertical measurement at combine. Colts LB coach Jeff FitzGerald worked him out at his pro day. Keep your eye on this name - he might end up sneaking into the late 3rd round.

I don't really want ANOTHER Stanford alum on the roster (j/k), but if he improves the club, so be it. I prefer to wait until our 6th or 7th round (and UDFA picks) for additional RB depth. There are a couple of guys out there I think will help in that respect.

6a. Sanders Commings, CB, Georgia

6b. Gilbert Pena, DT, Mississippi

6c. Aaron Mellette, WR, Elon


Commings is a 6-foot CB that wa once drafted for MLB's Arizona Diamondbacks as an outfielder. Very tough, physical corner that will add excellent depth to secondary. Will need significant improvement on his footwork, but has excellent agility and would be terrific on special teams.

Pena might be the only DT of value left should Indy pass on anyone in the earlier rounds. And really, this guy might be the most mature and grounded of them all. After high school, he put college on hold to care for his Mom, who had thyroid cancer. Four years after working for a living and taking care of his Mom, he resumed his football career playing as a Brooklyn JUCO player, then going to Mississippi. (Talk about a change in culture!) Pena will never be a super-star HOF'er, but rather a consistent player that could add value inside the lockerroom as well as solid depth on the field.

The Colts thought enough of Mellette to bring him in for a tryout, and the coaching staff was impressed with his potential. Should Indy pass on earlier opportunities for wideouts, Mellette could very well end up being a project pick.

7(a)a. Khalid Wooten, CB, Nevada

7(b)c. Alex Hurst, LOT, LSU

7(c)a. Earl Watford, OG, James Madison

7(b)a. Latavius Weaver, RB, Central Florida - 6'3, 230 and could be featured in a number of ways offensively. Hate to try and tackle him. Good football speed, but not elite quickness, but just glides through holes and is shifty enough to make defender miss. ACL injury really slowed his progress down, but overcame the situation.

7(b)b. Luke Marquadt, LOT, Azuza Pacific

7(b)b. Akeem Shavers, RB, Purdue ** Had this young man not had an ACL injury + been held back by poor coaching, poor offensive play-calling while playing on a struggling team, he could very well be a late round pick consideration. Super human being, hard worker and very solid back in passing situations. More likely one of the UDFA selections by an NFL, couldn't help but give him props by including him in this mock.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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