Oh God

The first two days of the draft has been a really disappointment for the Colts and Grigson has really struggled. Here are the reasons why we have taken a step back:

Note: I am not a scout nor do i watch NFL tape. I do however, like to research and gain


I like Werner. Hes a project-type player who has a great attitude, toughness and instincts. I think Colts can work with him and can become a pro bowl talent. Whether he'll fit remains to be unseen, but i'd give it an A-.

But, it gets worse. Thornton i grade a C- or D+. Firstly, graded him a 4th or 5th round talent, so it is not good value at all and Colts reached.


There were better guards available. And (the thing that killed me the most) was the fact we couldve addressed other needs with the pick, given there is still good talent on board. Most of the starting NFL calibur G are gone. But why didnt we take a look at Patton, WR? Wideout ISNT nearly our biggest need, but Wayne is getting very old and TY does drop balls and Patton had a very good grade on Quality CBs were on board too for a Colt's nickel/dime spot. Many AFC South teams have taken WRs that now have to be drafted and outside Davis, Toler (who isnt even proven) and Butler, our CBs are not good at all. A third Safety would have been nice. Even a RB- Randle Joseph or Andre Ellington would have been smart (Ballard is good, but Colts can do better. Brown lacks vision and looks like a bust. Carter has fumblitis). So Colts could have either gotten a better player at G or a better player at another position to fill a different need (cough cough Patton).


With Texans taking some Deandre Hopkins, i have no idea how the Colts D will now even contend with Johnson, Foster, Hopkins and that stout oline. Colts CBs, OLBs are good, but we're are talking about skilled players and an oline that's elite here (it's lucky Schaub can't keep up). On to Tenneasse, who has had the best draft in the South. Chance Warmack could develop into an elite prospect, Hunter joins Britt and Wright to form an offense which opens up CJ and gives Locker more weapons. The bad thing is, we had to beat Titans last year in overtime in Nashville and we had to rely on miracles by Luck to beat them in indy. A few plays here and there, and the Colts get swept by Titans in 2012. And the Jags have now the highest graded player in the 2013 draft (Joeckel) and an excellent safety propect (Cyprien). Overall, the Texans and Titans have added skilled talent to their offense. The Jags improve their secondary and oline. Oh no.

I think Grigson and our D better get to work to defend the excellent talent that has newly arrived in the AFC South.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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