I just don't know what to think...

Whereas last year everyone loved what Ryan Grigson did in the draft, it seems that Colts fans are pretty split about this year's with the negative being maybe a bit higher. Let me say at the beginning that i understand that i am a fan and Grigson has his position for a reason. Nevertheless, I have the right as a fan to want what i want. I don't by any means think that the Colts had a bad draft, but i dont think that it was an especially good one either. In review of the Colts first and third round picks, Bob Kravitz ( and Josh Wilson ( said that neither were a "bad pick." However, "not bad" and "good" are not synonymous terms. The fact is that it appears that the Colts front office really dropped the ball here. I'm not saying that they did. I'm just saying that it is how it appears. Let me also state that i would rather be wrong and win championships than be right. I'm going to list beneath who I'd rather have taken based on where they actually went in the draft, but, as much as i would've liked to get these guys, I'd rather see the guys we actually got succeed. Not that the following wishful thinking matters at all, but it's always fun to dream.

Round 1: Xavier Rhodes

I was hoping and praying that he would fall to us, and he did. I had my hopes up when our pick went in almost immediately only to be rather disappointed. I felt like that one Jets fan they kept showing on NFL Network after the Jets took Geno Smith. I couldn't believe it. I'm not very encouraged that we chose a guy whose ceiling is Paul Kruger, especially when he could be Jerry Hughes 2.0. Rhodes seemed to be the perfect fit for a head coach whose roots are in teaching the secondary. It was even more painful when he went the very next pick.

Round 3: Brian Schwenke/Quinton Patton

Our centers leave something to be desired and we need to be grooming a reliable WR, so i would've been happy with either of these. I think Schwenke is underrated, and Patton had great value here. Instead, we reached for a guard that probably could've been had later.

Round 4: Trevardo Williams/Jesse Williams

Here's where we could've gotten our pass rusher or versatile d-lineman that we traded for in the 5th round. Werner is no better bet than Williams as they both have to make a position change, and Williams would've been a steal in this spot (shout out to jbacon55 here). Instead, we took a center who seriously regressed this past season.

Round 5: Stepfan Taylor

Yes, he's another Stanford alum. He's also an experienced perfect fit in Pep Hamilton's offense. He would've been worth trading up. Instead, we took a d-lineman who doesn't have the character or talent of Jesse Williams, but he does have a lot of baggage.

Round 6: David Quessenberry

I didn't think this guy would fall this far. He replaces the Thornton pick on the line, and competes for a spot over McGlynn. I don't have a big problem with who we actually took. I just think this is a good pick according to the picks I've put together.

Round 7:

I cant say i care at this point. The RB we got may be a decent returner. While the British Olympian Okoye probably wont be ready this year, what was there to lose at the last pick in the draft?

Anyway, here's my thoughts. I expect both agreement and "how stupid can you be" comments, but what's the fun of sites like this if there's no controversy to discuss?

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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