Rookie Predictions

The Colts addressed almost every single need through the draft, and are still doing work signing undrafted free agents. Who will have a breakout season and be successful with our new scheme?

Bjoern Werner (AKA, THE GERMINATOR) will start as an outside linebacker and will have a fairly consistent year. Werner is great at rushing the passer and tackling in space. My prediction is that he will total 7-9 sacks this year along with 55-65 tackles while plugging in holes. Not bad for a rookie season, but he will continue to grow into that new position.

Hugh Thornton will win the starting lineup as a guard and will have a mediocre rookie season. Thornton has great footwork, but struggles sometimes sustaining blocks. It will take time for him to gel with our offensive line, but will prove he was worth the pick. I predict he gives up 6 sacks.

Khaled Holmes is a great center I don't care what people say about him. I had him in my mock draft in one of the later rounds, but he can still contribute just as well. He will start in the lineup, but will be a harder decision than Thornton. Holmes can sustain his blocks well, and also continues to block at the second level of the defense (which I love). I predict that he will give up 7 sacks up the middle.

Montori Hughes will be a starter one day in the NFL, but not his rookie season. He will be a backup/rotational player at NT for the Colts. Hughes has the height and size to create pressure on the QB, and will rack up 2 sacks and 20 tackles.

John Boyett from Oregon will be a great backup for us, and will continue to heal from the knee injuries. If one of our hard-hitting safeties gets injured, we will replace him with another hard-hitting safety with Boyett. Next year, Bethea could be on his way out of Indy, but right now he is still going to thrive. I predict that Boyett will have 12 tackles and no interceptions.

Kerwynn Williams has great speed, balance, and vision to start one day. You CANNOT arm tackle this guy right here. He has a great burst of speed and the ability to shake off tackles. I think Williams will be a great returner for us and could be one of the potentially best players we picked in this draft. I predict he will have 1 returning touch down, and 125 yards running along with another touchdown.

Justice Cunningham WILL make the team, but as only a run/pass blocker. We could throw him in a couple plays while running out wide, but most likely wont send him route running down the field. Because of his role on this team, he will have no stats this year.

Will this years rookies be just as good as last years? No. But they will still contribute greatly, especially on our offensive line. This year, we got a lot bigger and nasty. I like it..

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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