My View Of The Entire Draft (Its a long one so settle in)

In this Article I will attempt to explain how I saw a lot of the draft in terms of steals and best and worst draft classes and also reaches.

My favourite and worst parts of a draft are seeing a great player fall round by round and seeing the colts not take him respectively. Its horrible and I have always wondered what I could do if I was GM and went solely based off of slips from mock drafts. I think you would consistently get performers and talents. So here is my list of draft steals with only 1 first rounder shock. In no steal magnitude order but in round order.

1. Sharrif Floyd: Round 1, Pick 23. Many had Floyd slated as a top 5 player and hardly nayone in the last few month shad him going in the 20's Minnesota got a steal. If Floyd fell one more pick and the colts didn't take him I would have cried all night.

2. Cornellius Carradine: Round 2, Pick 8. No one had Carradine in the top 5 however this was due to injury concerns and many had him in their top 10 talent players me included. This was a steal for the 49ers who took a load of injury guys that if healthy will turn out to be home runs. This man when healthy could be a 15 sack guy every year.

3. Arthur Brown: Round 2, Pick 24. Last year the Seahawks took Bobby Wagner in Round 2 and this year a pick that they owned was used to take a player that I rate alongside Wagner in terms of talent. Arthur Brown will be a BEAST for the Ravens will do well to minimise the loss of Lewis and Ellerbe. I had him down as the top ILB and a sure first round talent.

4. Larry Warford: Round 3, Pick 3. The 3rd best guard in the draft went to the lions who desperately needed O-line help. Although he went one round later to the lions than I thought he would I had them taking him in the second. A fall from late 1/ Early 2 to the 3rd makes Warford a steal for the lions a day one starter.

5. Terrance Williams: Round 3, Pick 12. The Boys had the worst pick in the draft in the first with Fredricks but they made up for it with this pick as they got a 3rd round talent in the first and a first round talent in the 3rd. Last year Kendall Wright led the Baylor bears in Receiving with RG3 this year Terrance Williams led the nation in receiving without RG3 case made, Steal made.

6. Alex Okafor: Round 4, Pick 6. I feel like Alex Okaofor would have been a good pick for the lions in round 2 pick 4 but he slipped tWo and a bit rounds to be my steal of the draft for the Cardinals. I feel like this kid will do something special in his career after dominating the college ranks and now having the motivation after being taken very late. My Steal Of The Draft.

7. Quinton Patton: Round 4, Pick 31. Another steal for the 49ers. The 49er's got a player here who is in my mind a round 2 talent who I would have loved the colts to take had they had a 2nd round pick. I would have been fine had they taken him with there first. These 49ers oughta be locked up for this one.

8. Jesse Williams: Round 5, Pick 4. I am a big fan of Jesse Williams any time you win multiple national championships as the DT of the best run stopping defence in the nation then your a good DT. Granted Williams had a lot of talent around him but I considered him a 2nd rounder that had a huge upside as a DT at the next levels. That Seahawks D is scary.

9. Ryan Swope: Round 6, Pick 6. The best slot guy in the Draft was slated for not having top end speed but then proved he did. However the guy still fell to the Cardinals in the 6th round. I honestly thought he would go in the 2nd/3rd leaning more towards 3rd. I'm not too sure why he fell so far but he did and the Cardinals got someone to take some double teams away from Fitzgerald in the 6th round. Now that is a steal.

10. Jordan Poyer: Round 7, Pick 12. Jordan Poyer missed out on my coveted award for steal of the draft by about 5 places. If he had fallen to 17 in the 7th he would have won. He will be devastated about that. The kid has top talent and was my 5th rated corner that I thought would go in the late 2nd if I'm honest when he was on the board in the 6th and the colts opted out I wasn't happy at all. Congrats Jordan 2nd In Steal Of The Draft. Well in Eagles.

Other Notable Steals.

Star Lotulelei: Round 1 Pick 14: The Panthers got a dominating DT at 14.

Jarvis Jones: Round 1 Pick 17: Jarvis Jones Changes Steelers to Stealers.

Bjoern Werner: Round 1 Pick 24: A top 10 talent for me glad he fell.

Geno Smith: Round 2 Pick 7: The Best QB in the 2nd Well done Jets.

Eddie Lacy: Round 2 Pick 29: My top rated back fell to the pack.

Damontre Moore: Round 3 Pick 19: The G men took this talented pass rusher.

Matt Barkley: Round 4 Pick 1: A QB for the future in Philli.

Johnathon Franklin: Round 4 Pick 28: My 2nd ranked back fell to the pack.

Marcus Lattimore: Round 4 Pick 34: Hell of a player wont play for 9ers much this year though.

Ricky Wagner: Round 5 Pick 35: A lineman from Wisconsin makes the ravens better.

Bacarri Rambo: Round 6 Pick 23: Not the next Ed Reed but will be solid for the skins.

Michael buchanan: Round 7 Pick 20: Another Young pass rusher for the Pats to


Everett Dawkins: Round 7 Pick 23: A good DT for the Vikes to pair with Floyd.

Cant believe they are free agents!!!

Chase Thomas, Tyler Bray, Alvin Bailey, Jasper Collins, Joseph Fuaria, Tony Jefferson, Jordan Rodgers, Robert Lester, Miguel Maysonet, Kwame Geathers, Da'Rick Rogers, Kevin Reddick and Travis Johnson.

Best 5 drafts + UDFA's!

Minnesota Vikings: The first 3 1st rounders and Everett Dawkins will all contribute making this a solid, solid draft.

San Francisco 49ers: I believe all of the players in this draft will be contributors to the team at one point with lattimore and carredine being the home run guys in this draft if they return from injury. Reid should start next year so should Patton if he has a good camp. Winners of my best Draft didn't need much but got a lot of projects and talent.

Cincinnati Bengals: I think the Bengals found a great mix off talent to start right away e.g. Eifert (Great Weapon), Bernard and Porter, while the also got a few Projects that could be stars e.g. Hunt, Burkhead and Williams.

Arizona Cardinals: This team got some serious talent and filled a lot of needs look for them to start: Cooper, Minter, Okafor, Swope (In slot) and Watford. They also Got some solid depth at some positions that needed it last year with Andre Ellington looking to start next year also.

Baltimore Ravens: I think this team was a huge loser of free agency but through no fault of there own, Any time your team loses the best MLB ever and his replacement you gotta do something about that and that's what the ravens did by getting Arthur Brown. They also replaced Ed Reed with Matt Elam who I like a lot. The DT situation looks a bit brighter with high upside Brandon Williams coming in and Ricky Wagner providing good depth on the O-Line.

Worst 3 drafts!

Atlanta Falcons: The falcons gave up a lot of picks to get a guy they could have got in there original position I say that being a lover of Desmond Trufant as well. The next pick also baffled me as they went for a bit off a reach again in the same position with Alford although again I do like him as a player. The next pick can be seen as a project. The last Pick is the worst they take Zeke Motta a safety who shouldn't have been drafted at all, over tony Jefferson, he will fail to contribute much.

Cleveland Browns: Now I don't think I have to explain to much here as the browns only got 2 players but that's fine as they will have more next year. They didn't have a bad draft in terms off players they selected just how many they got. Oh yeah and they were set at the position OLB then took a player at 6th overall? Head scratcher.

Chicago Bears: The Bears took started off badly and never really got any better to be honest. They had the biggest reach in the draft with Kyle Long and then carried on reaching when they got John Bostic in the 2nd when he is a 4th rounder. They then went and got Khaseem Greene who may be a good player in time but not right away. And from there they didn't get to many valuable players in my opinion.

Worst bit of a draft reaching for a guy or passing over a steal? lets see what mega reaches occurred in this draft then we can make the decision in the poll at the bottom. Again will be doe by round.

1. Ziggy Ansah: Round 1, Pick 5: Ziggy Ansah may have the highest upside in the entire draft but also has talent comparable to a 2nd rounder or even lower how does that justify a top 5 pick. Very risky by the lions and the will be hurt if he doesn't work out however if he hits his potential then he will be a good pick for them.

2. EJ Manuel: Round 1, Pick 16: I know that buffalo needed a QB but the trend in this draft seemed to be to wait for a QB in the middle rounds and I think Manuel would have lasted that long as he is a middle round talent.

3. Kyle Long: Round 1, Pick 20: I had Kyle long as a 3rd rounder or later maybe even a 4th rounder so god knows why he was taken here. I realise that there was a need for tackles with the bears but they could easily have got this guy in the 2nd and had a player like sharrif Floyd or someone else in this spot.

4. Travis Frederick: Round 1, Pick 31: Oh Cowboys what were you thinking, I may know what you were thinking actually. Wow a lineman from Wisconsin lets get him because we need a lineman and ones form Wisconsin are usually pretty good. Correct but not every lineman Is first round talent from Wisconsin and Frederick was actually a 4th round talent.

5. Gavin Escobar: Round 2, Pick 15: The 4th round 5th best TE goes in the second round? How does that work? Oh right the cowboys drafted him ok that explains it. Moving on.

6. Jon Bostic: Round 2, Pick 18: What is happening to credible Franchises seem to be trying to fail why are the Bears and cowboys doing this drafting 4th rounders in the 2nd. Maybe they have a bet whoever drafts worse gets the other teams best player. Unlucky bears say goodbye to Matt Forte.

7. Tyrann Mathieu: Round 3, Pick 7: I'm not being funny but I refuse to take an undersized cornerback who failed 10 or more drugs tests, hasn't player for a year and didn't want to play in the National Championship game. Just saying.

8. Marquise Goodwin: Round 3, Pick 16: The Bills have clearly been getting lessons form the raiders and end up drafting a pure speed guy over better wide outs like Patton and Wheaton who was taken straight after.

Other Notable Reaches!!!

Eric Reid: Round 1 Pick 18: Will start but was a 2nd round with better available safeties.

Justin Pugh: Round 1 Pick 19: Will also start but taken a round too early.

Giovanni Bernard: Round 2 Pick 5 :Will push to start but was my 5th rated back was taken as the 1st back.

Kiko Alonso: Round 2 Pick 14: The bills got a talented ILB a round early.

Dwayne Gratz: Round 3 Pick 2: Who?

Bennie Logan: Round 3 Pick 5: A good player but ahead of B. Williams and J.Williams No.

Kayvon Webster: Round 3 Pick 28: Id like to remind everyone that Jordan Poyer was still on the board. That is all.

Well that is the end of My View Of The Draft so please leave a comment below if you would like and Vote in the poll.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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