Radcolt's Mock Draft

The Colts have done a great job this offseason in free agency plugging holes. I think we need to use the draft to plug a few holes on the offensive line and add depth. We also need to look toward next offseason where we have a few aging vets that have expiring contracts. So this is my stab at what I think we should do.

1st Round - DJ Fluker OT/OG Alabama

I think our offensive line is still unsettled, especially at RG. It was frankly a horrid unit last year with Luck getting the crap beat out of him. I see a guy like Fluker as adding versatility. I think he projects as an OG in the NFL. He also can move outside to RT if injuries crop up during the season. He adds great value at pick #24.

3rd Round - Barrett Jones C/OG Alabama

I would go back to the National Champs again in round 3. Jones would be a solid mid second round pick if it were not for his LisFranc injury to his foot. He will start the year on the PUP which drops him to the late third round. He can play all three line positions, but his best position is Center where he won the Rimington Trophy this year. Even if doesn't play this year, he can sit behind Satele and become our Center for the future.

4th Round - Ty Powell OLB Harding

You are like WTF, who? This guy is climbing up the draft boards. He is a great athlete having played QB and CB in high school. He plays DE at Harding, but projects as a 3-4 Rush OLB in the NFL. I have also seen him discussed as a strong side ILB in the 3-4 as well. Conner and Angerer are both free agents next year and Mathis is getting older. This guy was projected as fifth round pick, but after watching his film he will go in the late fourth round. Colts linebacker coach Jeff Fitzgerald spent over an hour working this guy out at his Pro Day.

6th Round - Duke Williams FS Nevada

Let's face it, Bethea's play is starting to drop off and we need to find his replacement. This guy has good ball hawking skills and also can lay the lumber. He has good size and speed for an NFL FS. I think he is a good value pick at the end of round 6. It is ironic that Bethea was picked in the same round.

7th Round - DJ Hayden CB Houston

We are now looking at adding depth guys. Hayden would be a good fit in Pagano's press coverage man to man scheme. He had a rare freakish injury so he will need to check out medically (tore his inferior vena cava. Hell, I am a physician and have never heard of this kind of injury before). This guy has good size and speed to start as a slot CB in the NFL. He also was productive at getting INTs with a pick 6 last year.

7th Round - Michael Hill RB Missouri Western

This guy will not be "Irrevelant". I think he has a chance to fill Donald Brown's role as a change of pace back with great value at the end of the draft. He is a small school back with good size and speed to come in on third down. He stood out at the Raycom All Star game when playing against the big boys by rushing for over 100 yards and 2 TDs.

I know I did not go after anyone on the defensive line, but I think we addressed those concerns during free agency. I also did not draft a WR as I think we have plenty of competition this year with the DHB signing. Let me know what you think in the comments section.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors. It does reflect the views of this particular fan though, which is as important as the views of Stampede Blue's writers or editors.

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